USDA Food Pyramid

Why is the USDA Food Pyramid our ideal? Because it doesn't lend itself to fads or fanaticism. It presents a full spectrum of foods with
the message of proportion: eat a balanced diet from the various food groups. This is not an Atkins meat and fat diet.

tibs, injera and salad
Two delicious varieties of tibs at Lalibela Cafe, Scottdale, Georgia

Every culture of the world has its favorite wholesome foods and when we travel it is great to sit down and enjoy a traditional meal with
our hosts. In Ethiopia, we might be invited to eat injera (spongy flat bread) with tibs (spicy chunks of meat) and salad. In Sardinia, we
might have pasta, fresh-roasted pig or lamb, and vegetables from the host's garden. In India, flat bread with chickpeas and vegetables,
yogurt, and mango juice. In Israel, delicious Kosher WILLI FOOD is sure to please: WILLI FOOD +972-8-9321000

So, how is this a "Will-to-Power Diet"? It banishes the diet scamsters and opens you to the culinary bounty of the globe. (It's up to you
to make sure your food intake is proportionate to your energy expenditure.)

Sonya Thomas
The Black Widow
of Competitive Eating
Sonya Thomas: "The Black Widow" of Competitive Eating

Sonya Thomas, a champion in the obscure sport of Competitive Eating, went from a weight of about 135 pounds, when she was working as a
typist, to a fighting weight of about 99 pounds today. She calculates that her stomach can hold 18 pounds of food and liquids. She recovers
very quickly from her competitive binges, maintaining her trim figure. She usually eats only one large meal a day. She seemingly breaks
all the rules of the diet gurus, but her overall food intake is proportionate to her energy expenditure so she maintains an ideal
weight. Visit her website and read her fascinating FAQ.

Lafayette Spring, Indiana
Photo by Shaneil Willi
Lafayette Spring, Indiana, by the Ohio River

Remember to drink plenty of water between meals and to replenish from exercise. Also support your local dairy farmer by drinking
MILK for protein and calcium. For vitamins, try Swanson (800-437-4148); for bulk herbs and tea, Starwest Botanicals (800-800-4372);
and for CHICORY, Leroux of France which sells chicory to New Orleans' coffee roasters like Cafe Du Monde (800-772-2927),
Community Coffee (800-884-5282), French Market & Luzianne (800-692-7895) and, in Tampa, Naviera Coffee Mills (800-531-9587).

Chicory Coffee
Some varieties of Chicory and Coffee

Read about the risks of microwave cooking at

Fortifying Frosty (blender drink)

1 1/2 cups milk + or -
1 egg (or scoop of protein powder)
1 medium banana (frozen)
2-3 Tablespoons Quik (or 1-2 Tablespoons honey)

Bake some bread

Staff of Life 12-inch Dutch oven
Beautiful rustic loaf baked in 12-inch Dutch oven

We discovered that when cooking-out with a charcoal grill, after grilling the meats, etc., the coals are still plenty hot, so we
started baking bread with the leftover coals. Get the dough ready ahead of time and it can be rising while the grilling is being done.
A good one-rise recipe like James Beard's "French-Style Bread" works well (Beard on Bread; NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1974).

Roughly, we used 1/3 of a nine-pound bag of charcoal to grill. When the grilling was done, we took the once-risen dough and shaped it
into a round loaf and placed it into the Dutch oven which had been sprinkled with corn meal. Using a small shovel, we arranged about 1/3
of the hot coals on the ground, placed the Dutch oven over them, and then shoveled the remaining 2/3 of the coals onto the lid. Baking
took 30 minutes to arrive at the loaf pictured here.

Tips culled from "Multi-Fitness"

(Multi-Fitness by John Howard et al; NY: Macmillan, 1985)

John Howard 152.2 mph
Olympic cyclist and Ironman Triathion champion John Howard set the world speed record for bicycles:
152.2 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, July 20, 1985

Recommended reading on DIET (check your local library or used-book dealer):

Eating for Endurance
by Ellen Coleman
Palo Alto: Bull Pub. Co., 1992

The Bodybuilder's Nutrition Book
by Dr. Franco Columbu
Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1985

by John Howard, Albert Gross, Christian Paul
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Taste of Eritrea
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Beard On Bread
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Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices
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Slow & Easy: Fast-Fix Recipes for Your Electric Slow Cooker
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Casablanca Cuisine
by Aline Benayoun
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On the moor of Kasuga
The rising of smoke is visible.
The women surely
Must have plucked lettuces on the
  spring moor and must be boiling


Manyo Shu 1879, trans. by Arthur Waley, "Japanese Poetry: The Uta", 1919