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IMPORTANT! The HPCS has moved to new servers (both primary and secondary) effective immediately. Please update your links! (Details...)

Welcome to the Home Page Construction Set! You are now the proud reader of a totally free, non-commercial, and (I hope) helpful guide to improving your WWW pages. Inside you will find:

Note: The main HPCS page you are about to enter contains approximately 11 Kb of text and 17 Kb of images. It was designed with lower-speed connections in mind. However, should you not desire images, now would be a good time to turn off your browser's image loading.

To get started, please select a server to use:

Primary Server at www.nyx.net

Secondary Server at www.prism.gatech.edu
For use only by Georgia Tech users or if primary server is down, please...

Although these servers are dedicated to Web service, they may be slow or unavailable at any time due to heavy access load or network traffic.

Linking: If you wish to link to the HPCS, please link to the primary HPCS site at http://www.nyx.net/~esasaki/hpcs/welcome.html. If you link to the secondary site at http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~es52/hpcs/welcome.html, please include either (Secondary) or (Mirror) in the link description.

Since directory structures or filenames may change without warning, please link only to this page. Thank you!

If any contents are missing from this Home Page Construction Set or if you require assistance in operating the Set, please notify "HPCS Technical Support."

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