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Here is a series of tips that I've found helpful in designing my own pages. They are not in any particular order--a real stream-of-consciousness effort--but I think they are all good suggestions nonetheless.

This isn't a rulebook, and I have ignored some of these suggestions in various places (so please don't hunt through all of my pages and mail me a report of where in them I violated my tips :-) ). Instead, think of this as a set of guidelines to try to follow most of the time. No one has made me High Chancellor of HTML (yet :^) ), so don't think any of my tips are of the "Thou Shalt" or "Thou Shalt Not" variety.

Please feel free to send me your comments about my tips: whether they are helpful not, suggestions for new tips, and so on!


Last Modified: January 27, 1996
/ Eric Sasaki
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