WWW = 666: Is the Web the Antichrist?

I get this question a lot.  The argument, apparently being propounded by some mass-media preachers and picked up by no small number of "regular" Christians, goes something like this:
  1. The Hebrew Letter waw/vav is commonly pronounced "w."
  2. In antiquity and in modern Hebrew, letters also represent numbers.
  3. In Hebrew, the letter waw is used to represent the number 6.
  4. The common abbreviation for "World Wide Web" is www.
  5. In Hebrew, this abbreviation would be spelled waw waw waw.
  6. Numerically, this Hebrew abbreviation would be 6-6-6.
  7. Therefore, since it represents the number of the beast described in Revelation 13, the World Wide Web is a subtle tool of the coming Antichrist, or repesents Antichrist himself directly.
This idea has scared a lot of people; I get an average of one query about this every 2-3 weeks.  So let's settle this once and for all.

All of the above points are correct - except the last one.  Why?  Because the number in Revelation 13 is not six-six-six, it is six hundred sixty-six.  In Hebrew, this number would be represented most commonly as the Hebrew equivalent of TRSW.

That pretty well settles it, doesn't it?  I often find myself wishing that these public figures would check their facts before they start offering sensationalistic stuff like this.   In any case, to answer the question, no, the Hebrew equivalent of "www" does not equal the number of the beast.  and no, the Web is not the Antichrist.  Hey, you found this page on the Web, now didn't you??? :-)

Afterthought: just to demonstrate what a tenuous business this whole "number of the beast" thing is, consider the following:

Think about it.
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