Yes, I have big news. And it's not good news. I share it because users of this site have a right to know. Some of you won't care; you'll continue to enlist my services and I'll continue to provide them as best I can. For others of you, I've committed the unpardonable sin.
So, what is it?

I recently got divorced.

There. I said it. On January 12, 2011, my wife of 30 years decided she wanted something different and walked out. I had nothing to say about it. This was what she wanted, and I have chosen to let her go. I pray nothing but the best for her; I hope she finds what she's looking for. Meanwhile, my goal now is to rebuild my life and figure out what to do from here. Thankfully, two of my three daughters are with me and are standing by me.
I have discovered that, when something like this happens, there are two kinds of Christians who emerge:
1. Those who understand and offer support and encouragement because they comprehend how painful this is, and do what they can to help someone like me get back on their feet. They don't forgive, because as far as they're concerned there's nothing to forgive.
2. Those who will decide that I now have no right to have any kind of leadership or advisory role in God's church because I'm now divorced. These people can't see past the barriers of their own legalism, and have a tendency to chide and cajole people like me, often with hurtful intent and result.
If you're in the first group, a note of encouragement would be greatly appreciated, because this isn't easy.
If you're in the second group, shut up. I don't need it. And you're wrong anyway. If you insist, I'll show you biblically, but it probably won't do any good.

As for the question on everybody's mind (Bob Everybody, my neighbor down the street): is there a chance of reconciliation? The definitive answer is: I don't know. Time will tell.
Thanks for understanding. I look forward to continuing to help folks enjoy their Bibles more and answering questions about the original languages. My daughters and I will get through this, and emerge stronger on the other side.
Basking in His love,