What's New?
October 2005

This fall there is a second printing of Breakfast.
With the new printing there is a new companion audio compact disc.

In the second printing of Breakfast accompaniment drones now provide soft overtones of octaves and pure harmony (3-to-2) fifths.
The new drones also have a slight decay; each one sounds, then immediately starts getting slightly softer.
The new drones, for many trombonists,
  • are more pleasant,
  • are easier to align pitch with, and
  • work better at low volume.

  • In the second printing of Breakfast tracks 16 and 17 of the disc provide tonic, rather than dominant, drones.
  • Relationship to the tonic is basic,
  • the dominant is already embedded in the exercises themselves, and
  • practice of these drills will now be two cents higher than with dominant drones
    -- the difference is small, but we might as well practice the very best notes for each key.

  • The second printing of Breakfast also has a new page of warm-up slurs entitled, "Before Breakfast."
  • It is a good idea, first thing in the practice day, to warm up the breathing apparatus, the torso, before asking the arm to move quickly.
  • It is also a good idea to get back in touch with the quirks of the instrument and mouthpiece.
  • The new page of slurs helps identify which partials of the instrument are likely to be naturally sharp or flat.
  • Knowledge of the quirky partials helps, both in individual practice and in ensemble, to figure out what to do when intonation doesn't sound right.
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