In contrast to the maze that I visited in September, I have very little good to say about my trip through the maze in Fremont. While superficially the same, once inside the disparity in quality quickly becomes apparent and that initial wariness becomes disappointment. Where a good maze challenges you by providing extensive and disorienting options, this maze bores you by giving sign posts at ten critical junctions with simple multiple choice questions ("Which country produces the most corn? A) China, B) the United States,...") - answer one of the 5 questions correctly and you will be instructed whether to turn right or left.

Now this could be forgiven as a gimmick to make the maze easier for novices, but the layout of the maze was unbelievably simple. Instead of designing the maze and then adding in these signs as hints, the entire design was based around them, so if you make a wrong turn, you quickly loop back to the same sign post. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if you take the wrong branch! In summary, this was a pathetic excuse for a maze and a waste of 5 bucks and I can only take solace in the fact that on my September Maze Trip I wisely avoided these faux mazes and went to a real one.