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Welcome to my home page.

Co-owner of Pullman sleeper " Colorado Pine", ex L&N "Plantation Pine". The Pine series sleepers are configured with 6 Sections, 4 Double Bedrooms and 6 Roomettes and were built in 1953 to plan 4183. Currently under going a full restoration with Amtrak compatibility as the ultimate goal. The car is based in Denver, Colorado.

Should you have any photographs of this car in L&N revenue service, could you please send me a copy?

So you think that you might wish to purchase a classic railroad car and become the 1990's version of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg or James West and Artimus Gordon? You might want to have a look at the on going story of the restoration of the "Colorado Pine". It's sometimes a whole lot of work. But, I thought that people who restore old Buicks were abnormal.

If you're wondering how I pay for this restoration activity, I program computers to provide the income for this work. I'm always looking for work opportunities. So, if you have an opportunity, I have a resume.

One of my interests has been the development of compilers. To that end I've been porting GCC, and now EGCS, compilers to support the IBM 370/390 architecture. I've placed the source and pre-compiled versions on my server and my be accessed via my GCC/EGCS Web Page.

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