Paradigm Visual Make

C/C++/etc. software development environment

Copyright (C) 1998 Dan Miner,
Copyright (C) 1997 Andrew Guryanov,

I have volunteered to develop and maintain this software.  Please send comments, suggestions, questions, and bug reports to

You can find new versions of the software at:

What's New?

Version 1.2.4


I plan on adding a number of new features to the editor such as syntax highlighting. The project manager needs to be expanded to handle mixed language projects (common for me :) and adding file specific settings. You can look forward to things as class/functions browsers, "error goto" during compiles, and a more structure user interface. And much, much more.

BTW, I'll be changing the program's name.

What is it

PVM is software development environment, written in pure Tcl/Tk which can be adjusted to different programming languages and source file types.

It incorporates a text editor, simple software project (makefile) editor and enables you to develop and build your software projects from within single program. And for debugging your application, it can start your favorite external debugger.

It also enables you to execute almost any external program (e.g. "diff" or "dircmp") and capture its output into a specialised PVM text window.

It looks like a MS Windows MDI application and has highly reconfigurable visual appearance.

What you should know

You should have a good understanding of how software is usually built on a UNIX system. Such as: Hopefully, this will not be necessary in future releases.

System requirements

To install and use PVM you need:

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