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Please be patient. I am trying to find a balance of useful information and software while promoting my activities.

Short Story
I have been studying and using Linux since version 0.12 which was around 1991; therefore, I am Linux junkie.

In 1983, my computer journey began with a friend's Commodore 64 and my school's TRS-80 model III. I finally got a C64 and fell in love with programming and learned all I could find.

In college (Computer Science, of course), I met mainframes and UNIX systems. I liked the mainframes better at first since our BSD-like crap did not work. However, I found Linux when searching for a multitasking DOS. My life has never been the same since...

Contacting Me


I have decided to hang my sign out as a Linux Consultant and see how well business does. An overview of my Linux experience:
  • 6 years of Linux usage and programming.
  • Personally installed Linux on dozens of machines.
  • Employed as technical support for Linux covering:
    • General Installation development
    • Hardware detection and setup problems
    • Network setup (Ethernet and PPP)
    • X Windows configuration (hardware and software)
    • Kernel configuration
    • Terminals
    • Red Hat (1.x - 4.x) and Slackware
    • and more...
I am confident that I can solve any Linux-related problems.

under constructionLinks

I am still trying to decided what links and information I wish to provide without being terribly redundant with other pages.

Red Hat Software

One of the best distributions in my opinion. The latest version is 4.1.

under constructionNews

New Desktop on the block

The KDE Project has announced it intents to release a public review distribution by the end of March.
Check it out! http://www.kde.org/

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