Nifty 48-inch Whip Antenna with a PL-259 Connector
         by Daniel A. Grunberg   --   Kensington, Maryland U.S.A

EEB has a nice 48-inch (122-cm), stainless-steel, collapsible whip
antenna available that's not shown in their catalog.  The whip
collapses to 7 inches (18 cm).  One end of the whip has a 
PL-259-like connector, to mate with and screw onto an SO-239 of
your choice.  

The whip antenna has an elbow-joint.  When the antenna is plugged
into a mating connector, the joint is 1.5 inches (4 cm) away from
the surface holding the mating connector.  The whip antenna's
connector allows the 1.5-inch piece to rotate 360-degrees with
respect to the connector's center.  If you plug the whip into a
connector on a vertical surface and rotate the plugged-in whip to
stick up vertically, you can tilt the whip more than 180 degrees, 
from a bit forward of straight up to a bit forward of straight

EEB calls the antenna a Lowe Whip Antenna, EEB part number MPW. 
EEB's price is US$18.95.  EEB's phone number is (800) 368-3270.  

                _   ___
                ^   |_| <--- button
                     |                    Dimensions in inches.
                     |                    (Not to scale)
             48 max  |
                -    |
              7 min  |
                     |<- 1.5 ->|
                v    |     |----
  elbow joint -----> O-----|   |- 

[No I don't work for EEB or for Lowe.]  

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