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Darrell Greenwood's Home Page


This is my homepage on my small website. I am using it as a learning experience in working with HTML and creating web pages. Below you will find links to sourdough FAQ sites and notes about diverse subjects from Bearnaise to swimming eagles.

Over the past few years the Sourdough FAQs pages have grown to be a significant source of sourdough bread information. At least they come up with the high ranking on a Google search for "sourdough" and currently run over 100 unique visitors per day with a total of over 200 pages being served per day. Click on the site monitor multicolor square to get the detailed statistics. If you find anything that should be added to these pages please let me know.

The following are the notes I have included currently at this site -

Home Exchange Vacations|Swimming Eagles|Razor Sharp Knives|Microwave Bearnaise|Sourdough FAQs

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