eeepc 1000 notes

The best darn device since the Model 100

Hardware Specs Model 1000

Boot key options

Easy Peasy v1.0 Install Notes

  Manual Drive Partition.
  Choose Format.
  Leave Swap
  / on sda
  /home on sdb
After install:
cd /
Verify all is as you want.

Additional Software Installs I find useful:
apt-get update - pull over software catalogs
apt-get install perl-doc
apt-get isntall iftop
apt-get install groff
apt-get install gedit-plugins
apt-get -y install manpages-dev
apt-get -y install glibc-doc
apt-get remove ubiquity

Easy Peasy v1.0 General Use Notes

To connect to wireless -
Do not use network admin for wireless - click on icon in top right.

Resetting the root password:
   Boot Linux into single-user mode
   1. Reboot the machine.
   2. Press the ESC key while GRUB is loading to enter the menu.
   3. If there is a 'recovery mode' option, select it and press 'b' to boot into single user mode.
   4. Otherwise, the default boot configuration should be selected. Press 'e' to edit it.
   5. Highlight the line that begins with 'kernel'. Press 'e' again to edit this line.
   6. At the end of the line, add an additional parameter: 'single'. Hit return to make the change and press 'b' to boot.

   Change the admin password
   The system should load into single user mode and you'll be left at the command line automatically logged in as root.
   Type 'passwd' to change the root password or 'passwd someuser' to change the password for your "someuser" admin account.

CPU Memory Upgrade

Purchase one Kingston 2gb DDR pc2-5300 667MHz the 1000 only has one memory slot.