Ancestors of Rendell Howard Schulthies


2. Henry Frederick Schulthies

Diabetic, leg amputated
orphaned at age 9

Excerpts from Henry F. Schulthies’ Life as told by Henry to grandson, Hal P. Schulthies, as told to sister, Celia Schulthies Darnell on 23 February 2013:

1. I was an orphan boy, and lived with various people:  an uncle, grandma, neighbor, stepdad.  At school the kids called me "Boob-a-lee".  I said to them, "You call me that another time and I’ll hit you with a brick."  They did and I hit them with a brick and they didn’t call me that any more.

2. Grandpa told Hal:  "When things are bothering you and you’re thinking bad thoughts, go to work and work hard and the bad thoughts will go away."

3. I was an altar boy in the Catholic Church.  I did something the Priest didn’t like, so the Priest took a candle and burned my fingers and I never did go back.  I left home (with grandma, uncle, neighbor, stepdad) at age 14.

Life History

3. Lydia Ann Howard

Life History