by Beatrice Parkin Schulthies


William Parks, son of Elijah Parks and Annie Beaumont, was born 21 March 1787 at Bethleham, Litchfield County, Connecticut.  He married Fannie Hyde, his first wife.  Their children were, namely:  Horatio Nelson, born 1808, died 18 Dec 1885; Serbiah Parks, born 16 Apr 1810, died 11 June 1832; Theron, born 12 Apr 1812, died 1 Nov 1873; Harriet, born 22 Feb 1814, died 7 Nov 1873; Maria, born 25 Feb 1816; Sophinnia, born 11 Dec 1818, died 13 Dec 1902; William Orr, born 28 Feb 1820, died 20 May 1900; Fanny, born 25 Oct 1821, died 6 May 1891; Julia, born 2 Feb 1824, died 1913; Nancy, born 3 Feb 1826, died 1896; James Monroe, born 23 Feb 1827, died 15 Apr 1878; Prudence Amanda, born 29 July 1828; Susan, born 20 May 1830, died 14 September 1834; Emelene, born 29 May 1831, died 2 Aug 1890; Francis Marion, born 26 Aug 1832, died September 1832.  Fifteen children by Fannie Hyde.  This wife died. 


In 1835 he married Millesant London Osborn, the widow of John Osborn with four Osborn children, at Kirtland, Ohio by Brigham Young.  Five children were born to this union, namely:  Susan Annie born 1838, Kirtland, Ohio, died 1845 (lived seven short years); Moroni born 1 Mar. 1840, Kirtland, Ohio, died 1861; Naomi Sariah born 12 Dec. 1842, Louisiana, Pike Co., Missouri, died 28 Aug 1910; Sarah Elizabeth born 8 Oct. 1844, Nauvoo, Illinois, died 1859; and Mary Millesant born 12 Oct. 1846, Louisiana, Pike Co., Missouri, died 3 Feb. 1920 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Five children by Millesant London Osborn.    


He had a wonderful, clear voice and his orders could be heard very distinctly at a great distance. 


He was a colonel in the Nauvoo Legion and went through the mobbings and hardships of that time. 


William Parks was a builder.  He and his wife Millesant moved from Kirtland, Ohio to Nauvoo, Illinois during the time from 1841 to 1844.  When the Saints were driven from Nauvoo, Illinois, they moved to Missouri where they had property.  William Parks and his wife, Millesant London Osborn Parks, both had Patriarchal Blessings given by Patriarch John Smith 21 March 1845 at Nauvoo, Illinois.


Because of illness, William Parks did not start across the plains with his family, but went back to his son, William Orr Parks, at Louisiana, Pike County, Missouri.  It was here he died 12 Feb 1856.