Millesant London Osborn Parks was born 29 December 1805 at Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  She was the youngest daughter of Isaiah and Sarah Champion London.  In 1873 at the age of eighteen, she married John Osborn in Pennsylvania.  Four children were born to them:  Milton, who died when six months old, Joseph Milton, Sarah Augusta, and Frances Ann. 


The family was living in Pennsylvania when John Osborn died in 1833.  That same year, 1833, Millesant joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  The following year she left Pennsylvania and with her family went to Kirtland, Ohio. 


In 1835 she was married to William Parks, a widower, at Kirtland, Ohio by Brigham Young.  Five children were born to this union:  Susan Annie born 1838, Kirtland, Ohio, died 1845 (lived seven short years); Maroni born 1 Mar. 1840, Kirtland, Ohio, died 1861; Naomi Sariah born 12 Dec. 1842, Louisiana, Pike Co., Missouri, died 28 Aug 1910; Sarah Elizabeth born 8 Oct. 1844, Nauvoo, Illinois, died 1859; and Mary Millesant born 12 Oct. 1846, Louisiana, Pike Co., Missouri, died 3 Feb. 1920 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Because of illness, William Parks did not start across the plains with his family, but went back to his son, William Orr Parks, at Louisiana, Pike County, Missouri.  It was here he died 2 December 1857. 


Being alone and in poor circumstances, Millesant left the Osborn children with some friends (I think the Cornelius Lott family) with the understanding that they would follow later.  Then, with the smaller children, the Parks children, she started across the plains in the Spring of 1852.  Millesant had two cows which were yoked in with one of the brethren’s oxen.  One of the cows pulled so hard that its neck swelled and it died on the plains.  The other one helped pull them and gave a little milk for them to drink on the way.  The children walked almost the entire distance.  It is understood that they came with the Ira Willis Company. 


The family arrived in Salt Lake Valley the 1st of Oct. 1852 and later moved to Bountiful.  Millesant had a very difficult time providing for her family.  She and her children would glean wheat, then grind it between two flat rocks.  She would then make biscuits, giving each child one and a cup of milk for the day’s allotment of food. 


After her youngest child, Mary Millesant was married, Mother Millesant lived with her but there was always sadness in her heart for she never heard from the older children, the Osborn children, again.  It is believed that her in-laws, who were bitter against the Church, took them. 


She was endowed 18 Dec. 1845 in Nauvoo Temple.  It is recorded that Mary Millesant London was sealed to her first husband, John Osborn 16 May 1928.  The children of both marriages were sealed to them by permission of George F. Richards, President of the Salt Lake Temple. 


Her sisters were Delila, who was light and fair and Joanah, who was very dark.  Her only brother was named Manley. 


She was kind to everyone old and young, and was called “Aunt Millie” by all who knew her. 


She died on 21 June 1871 at East Bountiful, Utah at the age of 66 years.