Craig Carl Pirner

14185 W. Amherst Ave.

Lakewood, CO 80228

(303) 985-3279

Professional Summary

Software engineer with technical lead experience in large C/C++ expert systems and GUI projects. Fast learner with the ability come up to speed quickly on existing projects. Also experienced in getting new projects specified, analyzed, designed, and under way. Good OO analysis and design skills from participation in several large systems in the telecom arena. Other projects have included debuggers, automated software testing tools, domain specific GUI based editors. Experienced in support, maintenance, and troubleshooting of in house and third party software development tools and libraries. Very comfortable in large networks of UNIX workstations as well as Intel and Macintosh PCs.

B.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science , Dec 1986, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Work Experience

Carnegie Group, Inc.

Jan 91 - Present

Technical lead for a complex client/server knowledge based telecom service activation system. Design, scheduling, and development team coordination are my responsibilities in addition to my developer role. Worked solo on a complete X/Motif based editor for the knowledge base of an other expert system used for generating complex switch translations. Also worked on the internals of yet another knowledge based expert system for handling errors in the telecom service order processing, provisioning, and activation flow. Implemented an X/Motif based Knowledge Base Editor for this system also.

McDonell Douglass Aircraft Company

Sep 90 - Jan 91

Designed and implemented a GUI for a complex scheduling application developed with ART-IM. Air Force flight training installations used this scheduler. The GUI was integrated directly into the scheduler. The Served as the "PC Expert" for the development team.

McDonnell Douglass Professional Services

Jul 90 - Sep 90

Developed, in C++, an analysis and error correction system for a database model of a large telephone network. A prototype written in SmallTalk served as the requirements specification for this application. Was also responsible for maintenance and enhancement of a data capture system for the database model itself.

Daisy/Cadnetix, Inc.

May 87 - Jul 90

Started in the Software Quality Assurance Group. Tested CAE products and system administration software. Performed functional and regression testing during normal product release cycles and worked with developers in testing pre alpha level code. Took the initiative to develop tools to automate much of the testing that was being done manually.

My work in the Quality Assurance Group lead to a new position in the Systems Software and Tools Group developing software tools for use internally by our application developers. A debugger written in C++ and assembly for a multiple processor Intel I860 based accelerator board is one example project. Another was an automated GUI based regression testing tool for the company's product line. The tool interfaced to the application at the system/graphics API level to record and playback keyboard/mouse input and verify the state of the system.