Don't drink underage, and don't drink and drive.
The Inspector Gadget Drinking Game

This is it boys and girls, grab your Inspector Gadget tapes and a few quarts of, uh, milk, and get ready to play The Inspector Gadget Drinking Game! Standard television show drinking game rules apply, of course.

When to drink:
Event: Drink:
Gadget says, "Wowzers!" 1 swallow
Gadget drives the Gadgetmobile recklessly 1 swallow
Brain wears unconvincing female human costume 2 swallows
Penny cracks government/ covert agency/ other high-security computer system with her little talking notebook 3 swallows
Dr Claw knocks Mad Cat off of his desk 1 swallow
Gadget's gadget misfires 1 swallow
Wrong gadget 1 swallow, or 3 if it's copter
Brain gets the bejesus beat out of himself while saving Gadget's life 2 swallows
Penny instructs Brain to "follow/keep an eye on Uncle Gadget" 1 swallow
Capeman appears at all 2 swallows
Cheif Quimby in humiliating (and unnecessary) disguise 1 swallow
Quimby gets blasted by the self-destructing assignment he gives Gadget 2 swallows
Penny talks to Brain with her wristwatch 2 swallows
Dr Claw says "next time" twice for effect (e.g., "I'll get you next time, Gadget, next tiiiiiiiime!") 5 swallows or chug drink
MAD agent starts a conversation with the ever popular, "Yes Dr Claw?" 3 swallows
Gadget unwittingly helps MAD agents 2 swallows
Female MAD agent 3 swallows
Gadget chases after Brain without recognizing him 1 swallow for every time Gadget yells, "stop!"
Brain not-so-tidy when he gets a message from Penny 1 swallow
Dr Claw's elbow (or above) is visible 4 swallows (quickly!)

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