Food - One of Life's Pleasures

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Food is great. Malay, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, Mexican, Australian or American. One of the deficiencies of the USA is the lack of Malay restaurants. Another is the lack of venison, despite all those deer running about! One of the deficiencies of Australia is the lack of Philly cheese steaks. So, I guess you just have to travel to savour all the good food. For some Australian recipes, check the soc.culture.australian FAQ. You may be aware that, while some places have other forms of cute, edible wildlife, such as deer, we have kangaroos. The Danekas Australian Recipe Page has some interesting recipes regarding roo meat on it. We also have emus, but I honestly don't find them very good eating. Much as I would like to enjoy both sides of the Australian coat of arms equally, I'm afraid I prefer ostrich to emu.

On the savoury side, I guess I'm compelled to mention Vegemite. There. That's out of the way. I even have a friend in the USA who likes it on Cheezits crackers, for those of you who think nobody outside Oz liked the black stuff.

On the sweet side, who can go past cheesecake? The creamy cold ones, I mean, not those baked ones. And, the old Aussie favourite, the lamington. (I like the ones with the layer of jam in them.) Apart from that, how about Pavlova! And, if that wasn't enough recipes, here's another one!