Politicians - The idiots who Run the Country!

Australian politics is probably not that bad by world standards, but it's disgusting compared to what it could be.

Here's an example: My local member in the federal government used to be Michael Wooldridge. When he was Minister for Health, he never seemed to do anything but cut all the hospital budgets and make sure that we didn't get decent public health despite paying a fortune in tax for it.

However, that's just the incompetence of the current federal government. There is a far worse danger than incompetence in our governments: The attitude that the politicians should run our lives and ignore basic rights. I wrote to Michael at one stage concerning a number of matters, including the Liberal government's ever increasing censorship and reduction of the rights of adults to self-determination. His response to me was: "Regarding the availability of erotica, while I have never sampled public opinion locally, I would expect a majority of my electorate would be offended by such material."

In other words:

It is the politicians like Michael Wooldridge who are a danger to society as we know it and, regardless of our preferences regarding the economic policies of the left and right wings of politics, we need to get rid of them.