Music with a Beat

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As far as I'm concerned, music should have a good beat or be funny. I recently went to a "Weird Al" Yankovic concert, and it was fantastic.

MMM isn't too bad around here, except when they play lots of boring football during winter. I once worked somewhere where FOX, MMM's (ugly) sister station, was piped to our phones. I remember when they managed to play that "How Bizarre" shit up to 4 or 5 times a day! It was sad that we had to put up with FOX at work.

Particular music favourites of mine are Meatloaf, Skyhooks, Redgum, The Angels, AC/DC, Devo, Rolling Stones, The Sweet, Hoodoo Gurus, Queen, The Sweet and Weird Al.

If there are any other bands you'd like to know about, try Weatherhead's Big Bad List Of Band Links or The Ultimate Band List.

Did you see Tank Girl? That had a good music soundtrack. Of course, so did the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Blues Brothers.