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me, by Weg Why a web page, you may be wondering? This site is here mainly because I like to find out about the real people I come across on the net. So, I want to give others a way of finding out about me too. It's also here to provide a little information too, just occasionally, amongst the morass of disinformation that is the Web. The list of friends' home pages, and indeed many of the other pages, may be awfully out of date though.

Now that the real estate agents which used to manage the place I live have been taken over, here is a web page which more accurately describes them: Weston Heath Real Estate.

Did you know that there are still people sending chain letters around?! No, not spam. I mean real, sent-through-the-post-at-50c-each letters! For more details, have a look here.

From dumb to insidious, we see that some religious nutters have been pursuing the Wedge Strategy, an underhanded attempt to replace science with religion in schools and return us to the dark ages.

On a "lighter" note, in more than one sense, Nestlé have wrecked Peters Original Ice Cream, turning it into low-fat crap.

Rarely do I give a second thought to London's Daily Mirror, but in Nov 2004, well, they really got it right:

How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?


"There is nothing fair in this world.
There is nothing safe in this world.
And there's nothing sure in this world.
And there's nothing pure in this world."
- "White Wedding", Billy Idol

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