Support for ISO HTML-entities in Ispell.

[ 2002.05.20 ] Obsolete: Please note that the the latest release of ispell comes with html support, so you really don't need this patch!

[ Created, May 19, 1997. Latest revision: Feb 25, 2000 ]

This patch makes Ispell understand ISO 8-bit HTML-entities, as listed in:
ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 characters in ampersand entities

The patch is generated from version 3.1.20 of Ispell, and includes Gerry Tierney's unofficial (yet) patch to add HTML mode. (The link I used is no longer valid, and I have not been able to find another.)

Gerry did most of the work: made Ispell skip text inside HTML tags except the ALT field of IMG tags, and made it select html mode, if file ends in .htm or .html, or when the -h commandline option is used. He also added description of this to the man page.
I only added conversion of ampersand entities.

The ampersand-related changes are wrapped in #ifdef HTSPECIAL, for easy identification or exclusion.
Note: to get the full functionality, these lines should be defined in local.h:

#undef  NO8BIT

As of Aug 31, 1999, the patch adds support for Javascript and HTML-comments, so you don't have to spellcheck through the script code, or commented-out sections of the document.

The usual restrictions and (lack of) warranty applies: Use at own risk, for any purpose compatible with the Ispell license, but don't blame the authors - or me - if it misfires.

The single-step ispell-iso-html.patch.gz - HTML, ampersand and Javascript patch is composed of:

Ispell 3.1.20 is available from: ftp.cs.ucla.edu, ftp.math.orst.edu and ftp.nl.net (Europe).

Note: This page is meant to be used for verification, so every misspelling is strictly intentional.-)

Thanks to the authors for this great tool, and to Mike Rowehl and Rene Fertig for sending fixes for bugs I made.

Casper Maarbjerg , June 09, 2002