System Dynamics



System Guidelines


  1. Everything is connected to everything else
  2. You can never do just one thing
  3. There is no ďawayĒ
  4. TANSTAAFL: There ainít no such thing as a free lunch
  5. Nature knows best
  6. It ainít what you donít know that hurts you; itís what DO you know that ainít so
  7. ďObvious solutionsĒ do more harm than good
  8. Look for high leverage points
  9. Nothing grows forever
  10. Donít fight positive feedback; support negative feedback instead
  11. Donít try to control the players, just change the rules
  12. Donít make rules that canít be enforced
  13. There are no simple solutions
  14. Good intentions are not enough
  15. High morality depends on accurate prophecy
  16. If you canít make people self-sufficient, you aid does more harm than good
  17. There are no final answers
  18. Every solution creates new problems
  19. Loose systems are often better
  20. Donít be fooled by system cycles
  21. Remember the Golden Mean
  22. Beware the empty compromise
  23. Donít be a boiled frog
  24. Watch out for thresholds
  25. Competition is often cooperation in disguise
  26. Bad boundaries make bad governments
  27. Beware the Tragedy of the Commons
  28. Foresight always wins in the long run

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Last revised: may Ď02