create table messenger

   Table textreader is a non-relational entity. The
   purpose of the table is to collect information
   extraneous to SQL Server. All data maniplation
   in textreader must be done while the semaphore
   is held by a process. Semaphore processing steps 
   must always include: 
		1. get the semaphore
		2. truncate textreader
		3. populate textreader
		4. immediately use or store data 
		5. truncate table textreader
		6. release the semaphore
   The intended behavior is for textreader to be in 
   use by only one process at any time. Other processes
   must wait in the blocked state until the table is 
   available for that processes exclusive use.    

 IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sysobjects 
            WHERE id = OBJECT_ID('dbo.textreader') 
            AND sysstat & 0xf = 3)
	 DROP TABLE dbo.textreader


 CREATE TABLE dbo.textreader (
	 text VARCHAR (100) NOT NULL