Vedauwoo (vee'-da-voo) turtle spirit in Wyoming?

same story the crow told me
its the only one he knows
like the morning sun we come 
and like the wind we go ...
	Uncle John's Band -- Greatful Dead 

Dancing With the Sun
big ole' bumble bee
got them big ole' bumble bee blues
sloppin' pollen
kissing every beauty in sight

awww... look at the baby ones

Once again in this lifetime, the Magnetic Spirit has sucked my tin soul to this vortex.
A symphony of man and nature: Crows singing (intentionally I'm sure) off key while the wind plays with the whine of the semi's on Interstate 80. A simple song of freedom...

I tripped over here at sunrise in my youth...
still sunrise, but now I might be on indian time.

It seems a powerful triumvarate for me in this place at this time

crow - messenger for the other side
bee - connection carrier {mailperson)
turtle - the messenger within

Ponder this link called Turtle Medicine