ActiveX Scripts

- taken from DTS packages but most will also work with the Windows Scripting Host provided the expected DTS global variables and constants are modified to be script parameters or removed as necessary.

Copy procedures from Database A to Database B AxtiveX Script Task
Free Space Monitoring Tool ActiveX Script Task
SQLDMO Script DDL AcitveX Script Task
Check in Scripts Generated by SQLDMO Task into SourceSafe ActiveX Script Task

(Note that these backup scripts here generally support both native and SQL LiteSpeed backups)
Backup a Server
Backup Primary Restore Warm spare (SQLLitespeed or native) ActiveX Script task - a monolithic DTS based backup/restore utility
Backup Driver - the driver for a flexible and highly customizable metadata driven DTS backup solution

    Examples of called packages used by Backup Driver

    These are jobs built with the DTS Package Builder UI rather than ActiveX DTS tasks
    Presented here as DTS Packages "Save(d) As..." VB Scripts.