Swords & Sorcery: An Index of Net Gaming Sites

Last updated Wednesday 07-09-97.

The following are several ASCII maps pertaining to Game2 of Rich Skrenta's PBeM game "Olympia II". This is the only PB(e)M I'm currently active in, though that can change at anytime. ;-)

I also have a list of New Empire and Republic of South Camaris Nobles for those of you who are interested.

Links to multiple PB(e)M Games & Homepages

The following links take you to sites where you can access homepages on several different games and the companies or individuals that run them. In some instances they provide a means to sign up to play directly from their homepage.
  1. PBMWeb Starting Point
  2. Play by Mail (PBM) Games Homepage
  3. Games Domain Homepage
  4. The PBeM News

PBM & PBeM Homepages

Anyone that would like a PB(e)M homepage they maintain listed, please email me the URL information.

  1. Shadow Island WWW
  2. Dynamic Games Quest Page
  3. Duelmasters Homepage
  4. Atlantis Home Pages (all variants, but older material)

Atlantis v3 -

Geoff Dunbar,the moderator of Atlantis v3 maintains a homepage for it. I've not played since 1995, and he's gone commercial since then, but I still recommend it as one of the better PBeM games available. A faster version of the Homepage is located at: www.wolfenet.com

The Yanoff Internet Services List

You know what it is... or you don't. If you're into the net and gaming it's worth a look, even though it's very slow to load on my system.

World Wide Web Multi-Player Games

Netscape v3.0 [or higher version] browser is needed to access the following. Also some of them require various plug-ins; downloaded software; etc. All sites will list the necessary equipment and spoftware.

Board Games

Other Links to Games Related Sites