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I am not a student at the John's Hopkins University Center for the Academic Advancement
of Youth at Goucher College in Towson Maryland anymore. I do live in Montpelier, Vt.
I did this page as part of a computer science program. In real life I have three siblings,
two brothers and a sister.

Here are some links that have to do with realestate education.

A vocational School in Las Vegas
Something at MIT (Boston)
A school in Chicago, Il.

And here are some completely odd links.

How to use Greenwitch Mean Time.
Goucher College.
A historical web site for the Congress.
A Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Page
Genome Database
Letterman Top Ten lists.
Empire Kosher Food Products
This is a Wine Growing Game

The Family Website The Prophecy: The world will be ruled by Real estate salespeople by the year 2345 A.D. So get all the property you can. The one on the left is going for one million spacebucks.

And now we come to the graphics section of the tour.

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