Nyx Net

                       Treasurer's Report

                            June 1997

     First, let me say that I am very impressed.  Looking through
the donation records I was amazed.  There were over 250 donations
of various denominations from numerous states and countries in 
cash, checks, money orders, traveler's checks and credit card
donations.  Whether out of affection or need for Nyx, you have
expressed your desire that it continue.  As a result Nyx will go
on and I think you all should be proud.

     (Future reports will probably have a more formal format but
I am still getting organized.)


     Donations received to date: $12,573
     Expenses paid to date:  $840

     Projected additional expenses July-December 1997:

     Start-up costs:                              $ 3,000
     Monthly Operating Expenses: $1,500/mo * 6 =  $ 9,000
     Expenses July-December 1997                  $12,000

     Also Nyx Net should keep a reserve of three months operating
expenses to avoid shutdowns:  $1,500 * 3 =        $ 4,500
     Needed for July-December:                    $16,500 

     (Does not include any equipment upgrades or replacements.)

     Nyx's operating account at DU.  

     DU says that it will donate the balance to Nyx Net.  But we
cannot guarantee that we will get it till we have the check in
hand.  The balance is rumored to be over $10,000.  However, Nyx
is currently operating on this money so the balance will drop
until Nyx moves.  We will not know the exact amount till we
receive it (fingers crossed) after the move.  [Please DO NOT
harass anyone at DU about this.  It will only make things more



     Based on these figures and projections I would say that we
have enough for the move and _if_ we get the money from DU we
will have enough to make it through the end of 1997. BUT that's
assuming nothing breaks during the move, or afterwards, and
assuming no new purchases of hardware.

     Bottomline:  Nyx is alive and well thanks to many generous
contributors, but if we want to keep improving Nyx (like adding a
mail machine) and make sure it doesn't suffer much from the
"slings and arrows" of outrageous hardware failures, the
contributions need to keep coming in on a regular basis.