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    |   NEW! Advances in cosmetic psychotherapy make it practical     |
    |        to CUSTOMIZE your sexuality! Dissolve or even ADD a      |
    |        fetish, paraphilia, or sexual expression! You can        |
    |        even change your Primary Sexual Orientation! For more    |
    |        information, see Sexuality Services |
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What is Creative Technology Group?

Founded in 1983, Creative Technology Group is a diverse collection of people ranging from engineers to performing artists to psychotherapists. We share a love of challenge and a talent for the unusual. We have developed everything from Corporate Trainings to videogames to novel psychotherapies.

Creative Technology Group can be reached at

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What is the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists?

The Colorado Association of Psychotherapists (CAP) represents the largest single group of mental health professionals in this State. It is a not-for-profit corporation established in 1991. The mission of CAP is to: 1) Preserve and enhance the practice of nonlicensed psychotherapy in Colorado, and 2) protect the public's right to choose from the widest variety of traditional and nontraditional approaches to emotional and psychological healing.

CAP can be reached at:

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CTG Psychological Services

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Healing Traumas and Phobias

CTG has enjoyed great success with using the "fast phobia/trauma process" in cases ranging from immediate trauma (including rape) to PTSD and various simple phobias. For compound phobias and other complex trauma- related issues, we use a variety of other effective techniques.

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Resolving Loss and Grief

Some years ago, researchers systematically compared groups of people who had recovered quickly from the effects of grief and loss with those who had not. The "grief process" developed from those studies has since been refined and added to, becoming an incredibly effective way to respectfully turn loss into resource and grief into appreciation. CTG takes great care to respect the integrety of the client, making sure that you are ready before helping you finish the process.

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Resolving Inner Conflicts

"On the one hand, part of me wants THIS and on the other hand, part of me wants THAT and the conflict interferes with my life!" How would you like to resolve that conflict by just bringing those hands together to create a new part? One of the techniques CTG employs does just that. We have a variety of techniques which allow us to help you resolve your inner conflicts at any level.

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What is NeuroLinguistic Programming?

NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is [first order] a technology for modeling and reproducing human competence and subjective experience. NLP is [second order] a collection of models, techniques, and understandings derived by applying the modeling technology. NLP has also been called "An attitude which leaves behind a trail of techniques."

It was started in the early 1970's by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Since that time it has created a virtual revolution in fields as diverse as business, education, sports, and psychotherapy.

For more information, go to the NLP Home Page.

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What is Content-Free Therapy?

Content-Free Therapy is the result of two major trends. One is the advent of structural, minimal-content therapeutic modalities such as Brief Therapy, NLP, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. The other is the seemingly endless expansion of State and Federal "reporting" requirements. Under the general theory that you can't be expected to report what you don't know, a group of therapists collected techniques which required little or no historical information in order to be effective. This includes such things as the NLP "Fast Phobia/Trauma Process" (which can quickly cure a phobia without the therapist needing to know what the phobic trigger is, much less what events created and maintain it).

While operating in Content-Free (/minimal content) mode, psychotherapists are likely to be somewhat less efficient (but no less effective) than they would be in their normal mode of operation. Thus you may trade a somewhat longer therapeutic session for the greater privacy.

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CTG Training Services

CTG offers a variety of training services, ranging from innovative technical trainings (such as "C for COBOL programmers") to nontechnical trainings (such as the "Coping Skills for the '90s - and Beyond!" series). We also offer custom trainings, and help our Corporate clients set up their in-house training programs. Call Creative Technology Group for more details.

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CTG Engineering Services

CTG can provide Software Engineers with a wide variety of backgrounds, from real-time to GUI. Call us for availability. Return to Main Screen.

What Is the International Association for Content-Free Therapy?

The IACFT was formed to promote the practice of Content-Free Therapy. They do so by developing and publishing standards of practice ("protocols"), lobbying, publishing general information, and coordinating cooperation and referrals among practitioners.

The IACFT can be contacted c/o Creative Technology Group, PO Box 286, Englewood, CO 80151-0286. Return to Main Screen.

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