Barry L. Gingrich


A senior web designer and developer who will turn your web dreams into reality.


Web Site Design
CGI, Perl, PHP, Javascript
Electronic Commerce
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Graphic Converter

Web Servers
Netscape Enterprise
Internet Information Server
Perl, PHP, SQL

Operating Systems
Solaris 8/9
Digital (DEC) Unix
Hewlett-Packard (HPUX)
Mac0S 8.6, 9.1
Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Unix Shells
C (csh), TC (tcsh)
Korn (ksh)
Bourne (sh), bash
Sun Sparc, Tatung Sparc
Hewlett-Packard HP-9000
Digital (DEC) Alpha
Macintosh, PC

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Project
Other Skills
Internet Application
Project Management
System Architecture
Unix System Administration
Configuration Management

Sample Clients

Gaiam, Inc
QwestDex Yellow Pages (Mapquest Maps)
Choctaw Creek Records
Integrated Document Technology, Inc.

Employment History

Principal Consultant and Web Designer 2001-Present
Green Circle Consulting LLC, Broomfield, Colorado (303) 464-8545  
 ·  Design, implementation, and troubleshooting of commercial websites.
 ·  Unix system administration
 ·  Performance analysis
 ·  Systems analysis, documentation, configuration management

Internet/Web Architect 2000
Q Strategies, Inc. (App Services Provider Group) Denver, Colorado
Contracted Through Hall Kinion, Denver, Colorado (303) 741-9900
 ·  Chief architect of Q Strategies Application Services Provider (ASP) development.
 ·  Designed and implemented Solaris/Cisco/Oracle/InterWorld ASP environment.
 ·  Selected and recommended hardware and software solutions to Q Strategies.
 ·  Oversaw ordering and delivery of hardware and software.
 ·  Interviewed and evaluated Internet Service Providers for Q Strategies. Provided detailed engineering recommendation, which was successfully implemented.
 ·  Installed and configured hardware and software (Solaris, Oracle, InterWorld, etc.) at ISP.
 ·  Solaris system administration.
 ·  Designed and implemented development environment for 20 developers.
 ·  Trained Q Strategies staff in use of InterWorld and customized development environment.

Internet Application Developer and Web Administrator 1999-2000
Q Strategies, LLC Broomfield, Colorado
Contracted Through Hall Kinion, Denver, Colorado (303) 741-9900
 ·  Electronic Commerce Site design and implementation using InterWorld and CyberSource.
 ·  Solaris system administration: Install, configure system, format disks, configure network.
 ·  Web Site Design for two high-profile clients of Q Strategies w/revenues of over $50 million/year.
 ·  Wrote custom C++ extensions to InterWorld for real-time UPS and FedEx shipment pricing and package tracking.
 ·  Designed, created and maintained multi-developer, multi-platform InterWorld development environment using CVS on Solaris and Windows NT.
 ·  Configuration management of Solaris, Oracle, Vignette, InterWorld, iPlanet software.

Application Developer 1999
IPS Meteostar Aurora, Colorado
Contracted Through Hall Kinion, Denver, Colorado (303) 741-9900
 ·  C/Unix programming for HPUX meteorological workstations used by Northwest Airlines.
 ·  Motif application development
 ·  Original six-week contract was extended through June.

Principal Engineer 1998
Kentek Information Systems, Inc. Boulder, Colorado
 ·  Managed three developers in Engine Control Group
 ·  Webmaster for Engine Control Group intranet (Linux/Apache web server)
 ·  Designed and developed embedded software for high-performance printers
 ·  Software engineering/project management consultant to senior staff
  Note: Kentek moved printer development to Japan in November 1998

Lead Developer and Webmaster 1997-1998
CitySurf, Inc./BuyItNow Denver, Colorado
 ·  Leader of nine-member Electronic Commerce/Business Listings web site development team
 ·  Oversaw technical development, system administration, quality assurance, graphic design
 ·  Composed development plans, designed user interfaces, programmed, debugged, tested, and approved code, web designs, databases, and graphics
 ·  Installed and managed Netscape Enterprise Server, Solaris, DEC Unix, Oracle, GNU tools
 ·  Configured secure Internet services, RAID arrays, multiple software packages.

Web Application Developer 1997
MapQuest Publishing Group Denver, Colorado
Contracted Through Hall Kinion, Denver, Colorado (303) 741-9900
MapQuest, the web's top electronic mapping service, publishes over 10 million maps a day and demands high-quality, high-performance software.
 ·  Programmed, designed, and tested MapQuest's flagship Connect Services internet mapping products, used by clients such as Qwest and Travelocity
 ·  Object-oriented, client/server, cross-platform C++ development for Solaris, IRIX, Windows NT
 ·  Programmed TripQuest trip routing and driving directions application on the MapQuest site
 ·  Designed and developed site personalization services
 ·  Map generation and configuration management

Systems Analyst III 1994-1997
Forecast Systems Laboratory Advanced Development Group Boulder, Colorado
Contracted Through System Technology Associates, Inc.  
 ·  Investigated and applied state-of-the-art engineering solutions for National Weather Service AWIPS meteorological workstation project
 ·  Performed systems engineering analysis/testing of high-speed data networks (ATM, FDDI).
 ·  Applied object-oriented software engineering techniques to design extensible application framework for distributed meteorological workstations
 ·  Performed systems engineering analysis for adding CORBA-based client/server capabilities and high-speed RAID arrays to meteorological workstations
 ·  Technical leader responsible for DARE operational meteorological workstations in National Weather Service offices in Denver, Colorado and Norman, Oklahoma.

Forecast Systems Laboratory, Boulder Colorado 1990-1994
Contractor: National Systems and Research, Inc.  
1993-1994: Group Leader/Systems Analyst III, FX-ALPHA Project
 ·  Led Data Exchange team on HPUX-based meteorological workstation project
 ·  Analysis, design, C/C++ programming
 ·  Technical leader for DARE operational meteorological workstation project
1991-1993: Systems Analyst II, DARE/Pre-AWIPS Project
 ·  Technical leader, VMS-based operational meteorological workstation project
 ·  Programming, configuration management, software installation, trouble-shooting
1990-1991: Programmer/Analyst II, DARE/Pre-AWIPS Project
 ·  Programming, systems analysis, configuration management


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Kansas 1989
Software engineering, computer/communications networks, network protocols, artificial intelligence, uncertainty handling.
Thesis: MANDOLIN - A Communications Management Expert System Using a Reduced Form of the Dempster-Shafer Uncertainty Theory, sponsored by AT&T Bell Labs

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Kansas 1987
Computer engineering and digital design.


Personal and professional references are available on request.