HDHomeRun client for the Syabas Networked Media Tank

The HDHomeRun Client allows viewing and recording of streams from the ATSC/QAM HDHomeRun networked digital TV tuner on the Popcorn Hour 100 series and other devices based on the Syabas Networked Media Tank. The Popcorn Hour 200 series is currently not supported.


The latest version is available in CSI.


After installation, the client must be configured with the available tuner and channel information. The configuration files are located in the Apps/HDHomeRun Client/config directory. Upon initial installation, three sample configuration files are copied into the config directory:


The channels.txt contains all of the channels that are to be available for viewing or recording on the NMT. One line describes each channel. The format is:


For example, if "4.1 WNBC" is available on the tuners listed in tuners.txt on physical channel 28 and program 1, using the icon nbc.gif, the appropriate line in channels.txt is:

4.1 WNBC,tuners,28,1,nbc.gif,


The tuners file contains a list of the available tuners, with one tuner listed per line. The format is:


For example, tuner 0 on device FFFFFFFF is represented as FFFFFFFF-0

Multiple files can be used to support different groups of tuners. For example, one file could list all tuners connected to an antenna, and another file could list all tuners connected to cable. The tuner_group in each entry of channels.txt specifies which file to use. The file name listing the tuners is the same as the name used in channels.txt, with .txt appended on the end. For example, a tuner_group called "cable" in channels.txt would require a cable.txt file listing the available tuners.


The playlist.jsp file is a sample file that demonstrates how to access content from the HDHomeRun tuner with a playlist. The URL used is:


The following options are used:

Don't forget the VOD attribute in the <a> element for the live TV links.

You can determine the physical channel and program numbers by going to http://www.silicondust.com and clicking on "What channels will I receive?"

The playlist will give "back" and "next" functionality. When using the playlist, the PREV and NEXT buttons on the remote can be used to cycle through the channels in the playlist.

Do not pause the playback. That feature is not yet supported.

Contact Information

Author: Andrew J. Robinson
Email: ajr@bellatlantic.net
ajr on the Networked Media Tank forum

If you find the client useful, and would like to make a donation, please use the button below. This will help me to purchase a newer version of the NMT :-).