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Permanent  U. S. Resident        
I would like a challenging programmer/developer position at an organization, to enhance
the company's success and my personal growth.






Institution: Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA
Major: Computer Science. Continuing Education. GPA: 4.0.
Institution:  El Camino College, Torrance CA
Major:  Computer Science. Degree:  A.S. GPA: 4.0. Expected Graduation Date: 8/01.
Institution:  State University of New York at Stony Brook
Major:  Science and Engineering of Materials. Degree:  Ph.D. GPA: 3.9.
Institution:  Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur India
Major:  Engineering – Metallurgical. Degree:  M.S. GPA: 3.6. 
Institution:  University of Roorkee, Roorkee, India
Major:  Engineering – Metallurgical. 
Degree:  B.S. No GPA granted by the University. Class standing 10th in a class of 65.



Developing an Oracle database and stored procedures for designing the manufacturing
process/parameters to reduce the design cycle time & improve quality. Also writing
calculator programs for engineering applications. Just finished Advanced Java & Oracle
courses at Santa Monica College.


10/00 to 12/00: Active Commerce-Torrance, CA

Position: Software Engineer (Temporary Position)

Developing, maintaining and customizing e-commerce software using AS P & HTML,
MS SQL Server, in Windows 2000 environment.


2/99 to 9/00

Took Programming and System Analysis courses at El Camino College, Torrance, CA.
Actively tutored many El Camino College students regularly in programming
courses such as C/C++ and Java. Completed all extra credit projects. Assisted El Camino
faculty in writing Laboratory Manual.


7/97 to 1/99: MEMMC, Torrance, CA

Position: Senior Engineer

Main responsibilities: Analyzing the Client Company quality and reliability problems.
Proposing solutions and recommendations. Client companies included the
Manufacturing corporations in electrical and Materials arenas.

·         Computer Systems Used: Windows 9x, Windows 3.1.


8/96 to 6/97:  Norcan Steel Works (Venture Group), Santa Ana, CA

Position: Technology Consultant

Main responsibilities:  Preparing the detailed technology specifications, including,
hardware, software, process details, personnel, and infrastructure for a mini steel rolling
plant. Time devoted 50 %. Other 50% was devoted to research and writing in
non-technology areas.


7/90 to 7/96: California State University, Long Beach, CA

Position: Associate Professor, Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Main Activities: Laboratory and Lecture activities for Manufacturing Processes,
Materials, and Electrical Technology. Prepared accreditation reports and accomplished
the first ABET accreditation for the Manufacturing Technology program.

·         Computer Systems Used: Desktop Computers

·         Software Used: Standard Office productivity tools, AutoCAD, Statistical Analysis


8/89 to 12/90: West Coast University, Los Angeles, CA

Position: Lecturer Engineering

·         Computer Systems Used: Desktop Computers.

·         Software Used: Standard desktop office productivity software used for teaching
Semiconductor Manufacturing, Electrical Circuits, and Materials Engineering.


7/87 to 7/89: California State University Fullerton, CA

Position: Associate Professor Electrical Engineering

Main Activities: Taught graduate courses in Semiconductor Manufacturing, participated
in laboratory planning and development, accreditation activities.

·         Computer Systems Used: Desktop Computers.

·         Software Used: Software for simulation of electrical circuits


8/86 to 6/87: TQM Plus San Diego, CA

Position: Quality Consultant to Manufacturing Industries

·         Computer Systems Used: Apple McIntosh

·         Software Used: Standard Mac Software for documents and presentation


10/85 to 7/86: International Rectifier, El Segundo, CA

Position: Senior Manufacturing Engineer

·         Computer Systems Used: Standard desktop Personal Computers.

·         Software Used: Statistical Analysis and quality control packages and documents and
report generation software.

·         Manufacturing Solutions: Solved Quality problems in Schottky diode manufacturing,
with enterprise wide scope and participation. Introduced Statistical Process Control.


4/84 to 7/85: Intel Corporation

Position: Senior Quality Engineer

Enterprise Wide Manufacturing Solutions: Day-to-day solution of manufacturing
problems, participated in enterprise wide task forces to solve quality and reliability
problems for the products such as EPROMS, EEPROMS, and Microprocessors.

·         Computer Systems Used: VAX 11/780 network for the Quality Assurance
Department. Data acquisition and processing computer on electron beam

·         Software Used: OEM software for the data acquisition and processing on electron
beam instruments.


1/80 to 3/84: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Position: Scientist

Standard statistical analysis packages used for mathematical analyses and data
processing. Solved diverse manufacturing and materials processes problems, using
neutron, and x-ray beams and data analysis/interpretation aid software thus infusing the
new technologies through NIST enterprise.

·         Software Used: In house software developed for data acquisition on neutron and
x-ray instruments as well as the software for the data reduction and analysis.

·         Computer Systems Used: VAX 11/780 and PDP 8.

·         Act with Integrity.
·         Communicate Effectively.
·         Dedication to Customer Success.
·         Functional/Cross Functional Knowledge.
·         Technical Knowledge.