Remembering Timmy

Timmy went home to Jesus on May 24, 2004. He and his twin brother Nathan had just finished school for the day. It was a fun day at school, because they had gone on a field trip to one of Timmy's favorite place - the Museum of Nature and Science. They twins were riding in the rear seat of the car on the way to get their physicals for boy scout camp. Kris (their mom) slowed to stop at a yellow light. A Ford F350 loaded with concrete and dirt hit the car at high speed (estimated at 45 to 60 MPH). The driver of the truck then drove away, leaving the scene.

Kris, Nate and Tim were all taken to the hospital. Nathan was released with no life-threatening injuries, though he was later diagnosed with having sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Kristin sustained a serious head injury and stayed in the hospital for five days. She is still recovering. Timmy sustained a fatal head injury and died that afternoon.

Timmy's funeral & memorial service was held on June 2nd, 2004. His body now rests at Chapel Hill Cemetery. We call it his "empty tent."

The final moments of the interment were like this. I asked everyone who wanted one to grab a white balloon. I spoke these words:

Timmy, my little angel.
A visitor from heaven, if only for awhile.
It hurts so bad to let you go,
But we're so glad you came.

Timmy was a visitor here,
A pilgrim, on his way home, just as we all are,
And now he is home.

He was not ours to keep.
He was not mine.

We released the balloons into the air and watched them gradually ascend to the sky and disappear. And we watched quietly as the bagpiper played "Amazing Grace" while slowly walking away.

Timmy Home