Current Update Log

Update 06/2007.

I moved the site to a new server, and revamped it a bit. It is still the same information, just in a different format. I password protected some of the more personal information. You will need to contact me for a password if you want to see it. Scott

Update 01/2007.

I had a message from Timmy today. It was awesome. I was driving to work and took a detour through the cemetary because I had not been there since before Christmas. We have had five weekends in a row of snow. There was no way I could attend to Timmy's decorations without boots. I drove away thinking how cold my poor boy was. And then a song I had never heard before came on the radio. Timmy's message was: "Wish you were here." I added the song to the song list.

Update 07/2006.

I added a song to the song list. The storm is still around us. We thought we would be through it, but that is not the case. We still praise God, even in the storm.

Kris is still recovering. She still does not drive, probably won't again. She is still fighting a number of battles. She has many things to overcome. But I see her fighting, and that is good. For a while, I wondered if she would fight or just give up. I think she would rather have gone home too. But she heard clearly from God. He has a plan. It is meant for good and not for evil. He has a plan!

The man who caused all this is up for parole soon. So that is in our lives again. He started paying a small restitution check to Kris once a month. She is using it to do something nice for herself each month.

Nate and I talk lots and lots. We seem to be in a good place in our lifetime of mourning. We can talk about Tim and have joyful thoughts. I think Nate and me are ok.

Update 12/2005.

I added stuff about the statue dedication.

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