Nikita's Home Page will be here soon!

For now, a little about myself!

I'm a very androgynous CDer and although I feel I have many feminine traits, I've got an inescapably masculine body and work for a very male-dominated chauvenistic employer, which makes expressing my feminine side difficult.

I'm very happily married however my wife doesn't like to see me dressed and can't understand it. It doesn't help that I can't explain WHY I'm like this because if she could understand, she might be better able to relate to my feminine side and accept it!

That said, my wardrobe is about half out of the closet and half in. The half that's in is for the sake of my wife's sensitivities! I wanted to be a (European) size 14 however, my ribs make me a 16, though leggings and underwear are 14. I'm 5'10" and 160lbs.

I just got both my ears pierced and can't wait to be able to wear beautiful earrings. Bosses reaction was immediate: 'lose those earrings' so I negotiated a deal to take them out when with clients and to stop wearing them at work once they have healed and won't close again!


Out of the closet:
Panties (white, cream and black, silky)
Vests (thin strappy types)
Tights (black, thick)
Leggings (favourites are mottled black and white)
Body suits
Ladies lycra sports kit - leggings and fitted t-shirt

In the closet:
Black cocktail dress (zip back)
Cerise (bright pink) summer dress (button front)
Cerise and peacock blue beach dresses (pull-on)
Tights (fish-nets, patterned opaque ones)
Swim suits (one pink/orange, one black)

Shoes (flatish, and especially pixie boots)
Breast forms - I fancy a firm B rather than anything bigger / droopier!
Cat suit - damned catalog item always out of stock!
Evening dress / ball gown
Full ballet dancer kit - tutu, shoes etc.

Hope you appreciate the brief intro - more to follow soon!

Nikita xx