Stanley Roden's Photo Album

Let me introduce myself. I am Stanley Roden, world-famous writer, actor, adventurer and gourmet chef. This is my photo album.

First let me set the record straight: I am a rodent. However, I am not a rat. I am a large white mouse.

Stanley Roden Looking Over A Cliff Stanley Roden Out on a Limb Stanley Roden Resting After a Long Hike

Above are pictures from my hike in June 2006 in Colorado.

Below are some stills from recent movie roles.

Stanlock Holmes and Whootsin

The Adventures of Stanlock Holmes

Stanley Roden in Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice

Stanley Roden as Huck Finn

The Adventures of Huck Finn

Below are some older pictures.

Stanley Roden: Stirring up trouble

Stirring up trouble.

Stanley Roden at his MacMouse

I use a MacMouse computer for all my writing.

Stanley Roden: Party Animal

I admit it; I'm a party animal.

Stanley Roden finds Trygve Lode in Equador

This picture is of me and Trygve Lode exploring Equador.

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