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By Lee Felman

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Diana sat at the breakfast table in her small flat eyeing the London Times dismally. It had been over six months since she had an assignment and her bank balance was getting dangerously low. But after all, it was 1965 and a good female free-lance reporter had to make her own breaks.

She threw the paper down in disgust and picked up the Daily Mail, a scandal sheet. Now there was a possibility. If she couldn't write for the Times there had to be some by-line for her in one of these rags .

The story on the third page caught her eye. Sir Andrew Whipcord, 38, heir to the Whipcord estates and fortune was taking a second wife. She racked her memory . Yes that was it. Two years ago his first wife had died under rather strange circumstances. It made all the papers, even the Times. The Lady Mary Smythe, 22, dark haired and beautiful. Married barely a month, found hanging from the limb of an ancient oak at the Whipcord estate. She was found twisting slowly, her black peignoir blowing in the wind, nude save for garter belt and stockings, with an overturned milking stool near her, her high heeled house slippers kicked off beneath her.

A lot more could have been made of the incident save for her suicide note found on her bedroom dresser, obviously the work of an over stressed mind. Yet the Lady Mary Smythemanner of her death caused some concern. She had died of slow strangulation, the coroner had found, since she hadn't used a proper noose. The stool was barely a foot tall so her stockinged toes were found swinging bare inches off the ground. But the Coroner's jury could find no other verdict other than suicide.

Funny, only the Daily Mail had made particular mention of the fact that she died wearing seamed stockings and a black lace garter belt . Seams had gone out years ago. And a garter belt? She was barely 22 and with minis and pantyhose all the style? Anyway the case was officially closed.

Diana's mind raced. Now let's see. The Whipcord estate and castle were in County Daraby. Sir Andrew was the magistrate of the county. Hadn't the papers made some mention of a number of missing people in County Daraby?

She tossed on her clothes and literally ran to the nearest library. Back issues of the scandal sheets and tabloids began to show a pattern. Two dozen young Miss Larsenwomen had been reported missing over the last year in Daraby. Runaways? Coincidence? Or was there a connection? Following the issues backwards in date she came across a small article in the local Daraby paper of four years ago. The police had been called to Castle Whipcord to investigate the apparent suicide of a maid. Miss Larsen was found hanging in her closet, in a state of undress, a suicide note nearby. The article had concluded that she had obviously taken her own life.

Something clicked in Diana's mind. She hurried to the genealogy section and quickly found what she was looking for. Andrew Whipcord's ancestors had not only been nobles and magistrates but executioners as well. For over six generations they had acted as both judge and hangman. What if . . . ? No, that was impossible. But what if . . . ? Then the new Lady Whipcord would be in serious danger. And what a story if it were true?

"Now she pondered, "how to check this out?" She hurried back to her apartment packed her bag, jumped into her Morris Minor, and headed for Daraby.

Her first stop was the Daraby local police station where she asked to speak to the Chief Inspector named Willis. When she was admitted to the Chief's office he was accompanied by a young man introduced as Deputy Inspector Barrows. Both listened patiently to her story and suppositions, but as she went on a combination of disbelief and humour crept across Willis' face. This quickly changed to anger. Barrows looked on in sympathy as Willis read her the Riot Act. Not only was she accusing the Chief Magistrate and wealthiest landowner in the county of being a psychopathic mass murder, but in so doing implied that his Department and that of the coroner were bloody incompetents. This went on for a few minutes and then she was curtly shown out.

As she stood outside the station, slightly dazed, the deputy Barrows came up to her and smiling gently, asked her if she would like a cup of tea. One thing led to another and at dinner that night she explained to him how desperately she needed a story and how she was sure, in her bones that there was a connection with the disappearances, suicides, and Castle Whipcord. He laughingly suggested that the only way she could get the kind of information she was interested in would be to break into the castle, or get a job there. He went on to explain that servants were scarce in Daraby and he believed he had seen an ad in the local paper for a Downstairs Maid at the castle.

She was quiet for a few minutes. Then, making up her mind, she told him she just might give that suggestion a try. Having been born and raised in Australia she could give a number of references down under that could take months to check and that would give her plenty of time to confirm her suspicions.

Still chiding her gently, Barrows pointed out that Castle Whipcord was very remote and if she did find anything out there would be virtually no way to tell anyone about it as there was no phone service to the estate. Worse still, if these were the blackguards she suspected there would be no way to call for help.

This took her aback and she became silent again. She knew Barrows didn't really take her seriously but she needed an ally. She wasn't worried about being isolated but still ... Could the castle be seen from the town? Barrows pointed out the pub window. Sure enough on the horizon in the clear moonlight she could see its bulk. "Well", she laughed, "if I need help I could always start a bonfire". Barrows smiled.

Late that night, alone in her room, she began to forge the letters of recommendation. If it was at all possible she intended to obtain the maid's position at Castle Whipcord. Three days later, preparations complete, she tooled her Morris up the twisty road and past the huge gates, down the wide lane and into the gated courtyard of the Castle. No one seemed to be around. She took her bag and letters and pulled the bell cord on the front portals.

The speed in which the door opened startled her. A tall slightly balding man in butler's livery stared at her. "Yes? May I help You?" he queried.

In a slight stammer, hoping to convey shy innocence, she explained that had come about the maid's position, if it was still available. The butler stepped aside and motioned her into the foyer and told her to remain there. As she waited she surveyed the dark brooding surroundings; grey stone walls, dark wooden panelling and furnishings, little light through the heavy drapes on the window. It was all quite depressing.

"Do you have references?", the strong female voice startled her and she turned to find an elegantly dressed and unabashedly beautiful dark haired woman surveying her. "Yes mum", she stammered, now recognizing the new Lady Allison Whipcord.

"Good! Let me see them.", the woman replied as she took the envelope out of Diana's hand and quickly surveyed the printed sheets. "Hmmm ... 23, Australian I see you've only been in England a few weeks. Why did you chose Daraby?" Stammering not quite on purpose this time, Diana gave her practised explanation of her trip, search, and the final fact that Daraby was as far as her meagre resources would take her she threw in the details of being orphaned and having no family in either England or Australia so she was truly on her own.

"Ah ha" was the reply, "Well let's have a look at you. Remove your coat." Diana had worn a beige blouse with her newest brown mini, long brown hose, and brown patent shoes. "Hmmm about five foot one, I'd say about a size seven, nice figure, very good legs". Lady Allison placed her hand on Diana's cheek. "Pretty blue eyes, nice auburn hair, yes quite attractive. Lord Whipcord is fussy about that. Well, if your recommendations check out, you should do quite nicely, We'll have you on trial for the few weeks it will take. Can you start today?"

Diana almost literally jumped for joy, nodding emphatically. "Very well, Harrison will help you with your things and show you your lodgings", and with that Lady Allison turned and left her standing alone. Diana couldn't help but notice her incredibly high heeled ankle strapped sandals and jet black seamed hose as she walked away.

It didn't take long to settle in. Harrison showed her a small room with bath on the second floor. As she unpacked there was a knock on the door. When she opened it she found a pretty blonde girl in a tight fitting short black maid's uniform standing there . The uniform had obviously been designed by someone with an appreciation for the female figure. Long sleeved with a low cut bodice exposing a lot of cleavage, it looked to be boned like a corset, the short skirt ended midway up the thigh .

As the girl walked past her into the room she noted that she also wore the same jet black seamed stockings that Lady Allison had on as well as very high heeled ankle strapped sandals. "Strange?" she thought to herself, "With the reinforcements on those old fashioned seamed hose you'd think a closed shoe would be preferred?".

Breaking from her reverie Diana found the girl laying out a similar uniform on the bed, then turning around. "Hi!", She said brightly, "I'm Yvette. No, I'm not French. My mother Just liked French names. Fitting name for an upstairs maid? don't you think? Been at it for over a year now. I'm here to help you get settled in, then show you your duties. Kind of give you the full tour." As she turned back to arrange the uniform Diana stared in amazement for as she bent over Yvette made It very plain that she wasn't wearing panties under her dress. Other than the lacy straps from her garter belt and the jet black stocking tops, her buttocks and cunney lips were completely exposed.

Her involuntary gasp caused the other girl to turn and smile. "Noticed, didn't you Well, we're paid well and if the Lord and Master likes to see a little bum and heaven every once in a while, we can comply. he never touches. Just likes to look. And the misses don't mind neither. Some times I think she's more interested than him. Now let's get you set up."

Rather Bemused by the other girl's candour Diana began to undress. Yvette looked to be about her age, early 20's, short blonde hair, very pretty, slim waist, large full bust and long slim legs.

"All off!", Yvette laughed. Diana blushed as she removed her bra and panties. "O.K., first comes the garter belt and stockings." The garter belt was black satin and lace with short satin garters. The stockings were identical to Yvette's, opera length seamed hose with full reinforced feet, they cinched up all the way to the cleft under her buttocks reinforcing the obvious nudity from the lack of panties.

"It will get take some getting used to", the other girl confided, "But You'll get the hang of getting the seams straight. Just use the mirror. With Yvette's help she managed a fairly good job of seam straightening her first time.

"Now for the uniform." Diana's puzzled look was met with a smile. "That's right no bra. Sir Andrew likes his cleavage, he does."

The uniform was boned and fit snugly when snapped into place. She was sure that the first time she bent over her breasts would spill out the front. The outfit was completed with a small satin apron, a lace and satin maid's hat, a black satin tape fitting snugly around her throat, and an identical pair of five inch spiked black ankle strapped sandals. It took same time before Diana could walk without wobbling on them.

Yvette had her turn around , surveying her work. "You're beautiful", she admired as Diana modelled. "The Master will take to you right on. Now let's take the tour of the Castle so I can out line your duties. "

The tour took two hours, upstairs, downstairs, into the bed chambers , kitchen, stables, all but the lower chambers which were locked. "These were the old castle's dungeons.", Yvette explained. "Used to torture and hang people down there in olden days. Now Master has made it into a private club of some sort for his upper crust friends. After you've passed your probation you'll be allowed to assist at the meetings, same as Harrison and me. It's extra pay. Fifty quid a night. But the goings on!" She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Diana's eyes lit up. She was sure this was it! The answer to all the riddles. Now if she could only find out what Yvette knew, but that could take some time. Time she didn't have. Just then the dinner bell chimed and the girls ran to help serve.

Under Harrison's gaze Diana felt acute embarrassment. She felt exposed in more ways than one. She was sure she looked more like a street walker than a maid. Every time she had to bend over she felt his eyes on her.

But Harrison was soon forgotten as Sir Andrew Whipcord and Lady Allison entered. Sir Andrew was all his pictures made him out to be and more. Tall, handsome, in his late thirties, with dark hair, full beard and moustache. Elegantly dressed in evening clothes he led his wife on his arm. Lady Allison, however, was dressed in a manner Diana had never seen before and was totally unprepared for. She wore a long sleeved red satin dress with a low cut bodice which left her breasts and nipples completely exposed

The full skirt was slit front and back to the waist and it was obvious that all she wore beneath was a black lace garter belt and those black seamed stockings. Hi heeled red satin open toed slides completed her attire.

"Well", Diana thought, "Sir Andrew at least is consistent in his tastes in dress." Lady Allison was far more exposed than either she or Yvette. As they served Yvette whispered, "I've just been told that the Club's having a meeting. That's milady's Club Dress. All the women wear them.".

As the coffee was served she felt Sir Andrew's gaze. "You are Diana, if I am not mistaken?". "Yes, milord", she replied her eyes properly downcast. "Well you are a pretty little thing. We have a good staff here. I trust you will fit in." Diana gave him a shy smile and nodded.

She didn't see Yvette for the rest of the night. The next day the other girl appeared pale and rather distraught and refused to talk about the night's events.

Slowly over the next few days, Diana strove to win Yvette's confidence. Finally over a week later, she was awakened at 3:00 AM by a knock on her bedroom door. Sleepily she opened it and found Yvette standing there, pale as ghost she was wearing an entirety different maid's costume, though of the same basic design. This one, however, was cut so low in the bodice as to leave her breasts totally exposed, framed by white lace. The skirt if you could call it that, was so short it left her pert buttocks and vagina completely exposed. The opera length black seamed stockings were the same but instead of the ankle straps she wore black open toed slides with five inch heels.

"Yvette, what...?" She began. "Don't ask - just let me come in. I need a drink and someone to talk to". Diana led her to the bed and took out a flask of brandy and poured the shaken girl a stiff drink.

Slowly the story came out. After she had passed her probationary period Yvette had been confronted by Sir Andrew with "evidence" that she was guilty of stealing over 500 pounds from his study. While protesting her innocence, she suddenly became aware of the fact that she was being framed and blackmailed. Sir Andrew needed her services at "special" functions at his Club meetings. Realizing she had to agree or face ten years or more in prisons Yvette agreed.

The Club met in the dungeon of Castle Whipcord. Most of the ancient torture equipment had been removed. The main room had been furnished elegantly. The only thing remaining, and dominating the centre of the room was the ancient gallows used for so many years and responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds. Ten feet tall, equipped now with an electric winch, it was surrounded by comfortable chairs and couches. The only other areas of the dungeon still used were some of the prison cells and the burial crypts

Yvette soon learned the true purpose and intent of the Club. Consisting of six couples and a few single members and devoted to the most perverse debaucheries imaginable, they revelled in the taking of human life by SLOW death on the gallows.

Each of the male members were high placed and exceptionally rich. Five of the group had been married at the time of Yvette's forced servitude and had been accompanied by their wives. Sir Andrew made up the sixth, and his chosen mate was Lady Allison Hollingsworth, now his wife. The men all dressed in evening attire, the women in those exposing satin dresses completely nude beneath, save for their garter belts and stockings. They were attended by Harrison and herself, he in evening wear and she in the outfit she now wore.

The things she had seen and been a part of!

Most of their victims had been streetwalkers and hitchhikers. She described the first execution she had witnessed. Harrison had picked up the little whore in London and drove her to the estate where he had tied her up and thrown her in a cell.

As the six couples and few single members lounged with their drinks in those comfortable velvet upholstered chairs, he led her out. Her brief dress had been split down the front exposing her naked cunt, garters and stockings. She was sobbing and pleading to be released, her wrists still bound behind her. When she saw the gallows and noose her pleadings changed to hysterical sobs and pleas for her life.

The women leaned forward, eyes blazing with anticipation, as Sir Andrew nodded. She and Harrison had pulled the struggling girl beneath the gallows and he had held her as Yvette tied the noose around her neck. A thick one inch rope was used for the noose, however it was tied in what she referred to as a slow knot so death would come from slow strangulation.A London whore

For a while they just let her stand there, pleading, exposed, wrists bound. Then Sir Andrew threw the switch connected to the electric winch. Slowly it took up the slack on the rope. The girl found herself being pulled up until she stood on the tips of her toes. He stopped it there and the Club members enjoyed her piteous struggles for the next few minutes. Then he threw the switch again and the winch drew the struggling girl off her toes until she swung mere inches off the floor. Yvette described the details of her slow death dancing on the rope, twisting and squirming in agony, until she went limp. It must have taken a good twenty minutes for her to die. As she expired she lost control of her bladder and bowels, urinating and defecating as she swung and twitched. With this, the club members stood and applauded, each going up and examining her twitching body in some detail before returning to the bar area for another round of drinks.

After they had left Yvette cleaned up the mess while Harrison cut the girl's body down. He took it deep into the crypts beneath the castle.  From what Yvette had heard there were literally dozens of bodies of the Club's victims down there.

Diana listened in open mouthed amazement as Yvette went on. Apparently there could be one, two, or more victims at these sessions.

Yvette next described two meetings where the wives of the members were the centre attraction. In the first, Sir Michael and his wife, Lady Marline had bragged that they had made hanging such an integral part of their foreplay that she could hang for as long as twenty minutes without suffering harm. Pressed to prove this boast, and with a fair amount of money riding on the outcome, the Club convened with Sir Michael and Lady Marline in the centre ring beneath the gallows . She wasn't clothed in the standard costume but instead in a blue satin corselette leaving her breasts and vagina totally exposed, with stockings and high heeled slides.
Lady Marline
Sir Michael bound his wife's wrists behind her, then tied her knees and ankles. She smiled as he adjusted the noose around her neck. Before reaching for the switch he gave her a quick kiss.

Sir Andrew had a stopwatch and as Lady Marline's straining stockinged toes were pulled free off the floor he pressed the start button. Calling off the time in quarter minutes, all eyes were on the twisting form at the end of the rope. By the eighth minute, Lady Marline was beginning to strain at her bonds, her hands twitching and grasping . By the twelfth she was jerking and struggling. By the sixteenth her face had turned a dull congested red and she was shuddering uncontrollably. At exactly twenty minutes she lost control of her bladder, sending a stream of urine pouring out as Sir Michael lowered her to the floor.

Everyone was hushed as he hurriedly removed the noose and bonds. All was quiet as he shook her gently, rubbing her arms and wrists, Finally her ayes opened and he helped her to her feet, smiling warmly to the applause of the rest of the members.

The next episode Yvette described took place because of a jealous spat between Lady Allison and Lady Cynthia Dewitt. Lady Cynthia was always bragging about her large stable of horses and the particular abilities she possessed as a trainer. Finally one day she went too far.

Lady Allison bet her she could not have her best show horse, Warlord, stand motionless for twenty minutes. Cynthia laughed at this and called it child's play, so Allison continued. The bet was that Lady Cynthia must be astride Warlord, wrists bound, noose around her neck. There was an added incentive for Lady Cynthia to make good her boast, besides the considerable sum of money at stake. If Warlord didn't move and responded to her commands she, Allison, would allow Cynthia any boon she wished, even that. Of watching Allison swing on the rope. Of course, if Cynthia failed she would have to rely on the Club's good graces to release her before she slowly strangled to death. To everyone's Surprise and delight, Cynthia agreed.

At the next Club meeting, Warlord was brought to Castle Whipcord's stables. The entire membership, including Harrison and Yvette, trouped out to the stables to witness the wager. Cynthia removed her dress and shoes since they would get in the way and mounted Warlord nude, save for her black satin and lace garter belt and seamed stockings. Once up, Harrison bound her wrists behind her so she could not grasp the reins and affixed the noose around her neck, taking up the slack and affixing it to an overhead beam.

Lady Cynthia
Lady Cynthia's bet.

This done Sir Andrew clicked his stopwatch. Lady Cynthia spoke soothingly to Warlord who seemed perfectly content to stand where he was. Over the next fifteen minutes he would occasionally snort or shift his weight but a word from Cynthia would hold him in his place.

At eighteen minutes Sir Andrew turned to Lady Allison and grinningly told her she was about to lose her bet . That's when she pulled her ace in the hole. Unbeknownst to anyone she had secreted a stash of sugar cubes and now brought them out to where the horse could see them.

Imagine Lady Cynthia's chagrin as Warlord, despite her commands and pleas, literally ambled out from beneath her. As she slipped off his back the noose jerked tight around her throat and she began a wild dance, her shapely stockinged legs dancing a few feet off the ground.Good Horsie!

Allison watched her rival's dance of death with relish, enjoying every second. But as Cynthia's face began to turn blue and her body began to jerk in convulsions, Sir Andrew gave Harrison the order to release her. As the rope was cut Cynthia dropped into the dirtied straw gasping for breath. Yvette untied her and helped her to clean up. Nothing more was heard of Lady Cynthia's equestrian boasting.

Continuing on in the same vein, Yvette next described the fate of a young runaway "befriended" by Sir Andrew. He had picked her up at a train station and invited her to stay at the Castle. This "guest" was treated differently than most of the rest, probably because Sir Andrew had taken a fancy to her.

In any case she was ensconced in one of the guest rooms and treated royally. That weekend she was even invited to join in the Club's Fox hunt. When she protested that she hardly knew how to ride a horse and didn't have anything to wear, Sir Andrew provided her with a complete hunting outfit and a side saddle. Little did she realize that she was the prey.

Riding With the Club was exciting even though she never did see the fox. eventually all the members congregated at a sheltered glade under a wide tree, where Harrison and Yvette waited. Without warning Harrison dragged the poor girl from her horse and held her as Yvette stripped off her skirt and panties, tying her wrists behind her. She watched in horror as a hempen noose was attached to a wide limb.

'Well, my dear, as you may have guessed you're to be the highlight of the hunt.', Sir Andrew said with a smile.
The Highlight of the Hunt
Horrified the girl was returned to horseback and one of the members adjusted the noose around her neck. She tried to protest, plead, beg, anything, but Harrison stepped forward and swatted the horse with a crop.

She found herself being jerked backward by the noose as the horse bolted from under her. As the Club members toasted her agony with champagne she twisted and jerked on the rope. Her dance of death concluded all too soon. The Club members finished their picnics as her half naked body twisted gently in the breeze.

Spurred on by Diana's inquiries, Yvette went on to tell of what could best be described as an "initiation rite" for Lady Allison upon her marriage to Sir Andrew.

That day a special two foot tall platform was constructed below the gallows. In the evening the mood was quite festive and the wedding march was playing on the hi-fi. At the signal Sir Andrew and Lady Allison were ushered in. Sir Andrew was dressed in the usual evening dress, but Lady Allison was something lovely to behold. The only thing traditional about this wedding garb was the veil and long white gloves. Instead of a dress she wore a white lace corselette leaving her breasts and Vagina exposed. She had on long white seamed stockings and five inch white ankle strapped sandals. But what really set the whole thing off was the fact that her wrists were bound behind her and she wore a hangman's noose of the whitest velvet rope cinched tight around her throat, the end of which Sir Andrew carried.

As they mounted the platform Sir Andrew positioned his new bride carefully and tied the end of the noose to the gallows being sure to take up all the slack. Next he reached town and tied her ankles . Thus bound, Allison waited for another member Sir Marcham, to begin the ceremony.Lady Allison's Wedding

It sounded like any other wedding ceremony but after the vows had been taken, he turned to Sir Andrew with a bright smile and stated "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now hang the Bride!"

At that Sir Andrew threw the lever on the podium next to him springing the trap beneath Allison's feet. The noose was tight so there was practically no drop and with her wrists and ankles bound she could do little more than twist on the rope.

Sir Andrew, beaming, gently raised Allison's veil and gave her a long kiss as she hung there. This completed the remaining members gave rousing round of applause as Sir Andrew posed next to the dangling Allison for a picture. This accomplished, the new bride's rope was cut and she was released, gasping for breath.

Diana sat spellbound as Yvette poured herself another drink and went on.

At Sir Andrew and Lady Allison's wedding party that the club threw, a special treat had been planned. The members, both male and female had scoured the roads until the perfect victim had been found hitchhiking. Young, blonde, virginal, she had been taken to the castle and preparations made.

As the newly married couple were escorted into the party room they were greeted by a truly debauched scene. The young lady was attired in a wedding veil. Long white lace gloves. white half bra, white garter belt, long white seamed hose and white six inch ankle strapped sandals with one inch soles. Her wrists were bound behind her, ankles tied, and a noose of white velvet cord ( the same that Lady Allison had worn) was looped around her throat. She was standing on a twelve inch tall block of ice in the hollow centre of the round dining table. A white ball gag completed the picture.

The Recieption
As the party wore on the ice melted. Imagine the terror of the young victim as the noose slowly, as to be infinitesimally, tightened around her neck. An hour or so later she was perched on the tips of the toes of her sandals, heels not touching, trying desperately to balance on a cube of ice now only six inches square. The noose biting deep into her soft neck, eyes bulging, face beet red. Finally, as her toes could no longer find purchase, jerking, twitching, struggling in her death agonies, to end twisting gently, inches off the floor.

Diana continued to fill Yvette's glass as she started on the recent past. Last week the Club had captured a couple, a boy and girl about seventeen. Hitchhikers as usual . It was their first double execution that year . Yvette and Harrison had prepared them. The boy had been led out first. Totally naked, wrists and arms strapped behind him. He was placed beneath the gallows, noose tied tightly around his neck. He was gagged and his ankles and knees were strapped. The women commented favourably on the size of his penis which quickly became erect at the sight of their naked breasts and vaginas.

The girl, now attired in a black velvet corset, seamed hose and high heeled slides was brought out next. She was a pretty, brown haired little thing with small but nicely formed breasts and a curvaceous ass. Her wrists were tied behind her and she was likewise gagged.

Lady Allison explained her predicament to her. Her boyfriend was to be hanged until dead. No ifs ands or buts . He would swing on the rope. Now she could join him in his dance of death or perform one small act which could save her life. He would be hoisted on the gallows a good three feet in the air. She would be ungagged and must take his penis in her mouth performing fellatio until he came. If he came in her mouth and she swallowed all his cum she may live .

To demonstrate her sincerity Lady Allison had a second noose fitted around the girl's neck and gave Harrison the sign. Without warning the poor girl was dragged off her feet leaving her dangling inches off the floor.

She hung there for a minute or two before lady Allison singled the butler to release her. The girl's gag was removed and the question was put to her again. Sobbing and gasping, she nodded compliance.

The noose still around her neck, she was brought before the boy as Sir Andrew threw the switch The young man was drawn a good three feet off the floor until his throbbingly erect penis bobbed before the girl's face. Sobbing, she opened her mouth and engulfed the head and began to suck.

Yvette described the scene as totally perverse; the boy jerking and twitching, unable to struggle or kick because of the straps, eyes bulging, as the girl, tears Another Victimstreaming down her face, sucked his cock for all she was worth. Face purple, veins bulging, eyes popping, the boy came as he died. The girl tried to sallow the massive amount of cum but some dripped from the corners of her mouth.

With her boyfriend dead, his ejaculation complete, she turned hopefully to Lady Allison, some of the cum still dripping on her chin.

"I said all of it! You let some of his dirty semen contaminate my marble floor! Hang the little slut !"

As the girl opened her mouth to protest, Harrison dragged her off her feet and she began her dance of death. When it concluded fifteen minutes later with her urine and faeces mixing with that of her dead lover on the floor, the Club members applauded the performance.

For the first time Diana interrupted to ask about the deaths of Sir Andrew's first wife. Lady Mary Smythe and the maid, Penny Larsen. Yvette replied that Lady Mary had become repulsed by the Club's activities and had to be done away with before she could go to the police. Sir Andrew had her drugged, and then the Club members had taken her out to the oak, and literally had a picnic as she dangled from the ancient tree. As for Alice Larsen, she bad tried to quit her job after witnessing a number of hangings, so she too had to perform the dance of death.

Before Diana could inquire further, Yvette went into a recounting of what had gone on that evening which had finally driven her to seek out her companionship. Apparently Harrison had found a special girl this evening, because instead of being stripped before being presented, she was brought before the Club, and under the gallows fully dressed. She wore a small black evening dress, stockings, and black velvet high heeled pumps. Yvette described her as an attractive brunette in her late twenties, carefully coifed, wearing heavy evening makeup, Her wrists and ankles were bound and she was gagged.

Yvette was given a sharp knife by Sir Andrew as Harrison drew the noose around the terrified girl's neck. She was instructed to cut off the girl's dress, which she did by cutting the shoulder straps and slitting the dress up the side. Underneath the girl wore a black satin corset, black lace panties, stockings and high heels.

Sir Andrew motioned to Yvette to cut off the girl's panties and as the fabric parted everyone was in for a surprise. Freed from the strictures of the black nylon sprang a six inch erect penis. Harrison had captured a transvestite.

Sir Andrew guffawed, as he was obviously in on the joke. He handed Yvette two narrow black straps and whispered her instructions. They were more distasteful than anything she had been forced to do previously, but she had to obey.

Yvette knelt before the transvestite. and began to tongue and suck his semi-erect organ. In a minute or so she had it fully erect. Taking the first strap she cinched it tightly around the base of the penis, tightening it to the point where it literally cut into the flesh. The TV moaned behind the gag. The next strap was cinched around the head of the penis, tightening it until it too bit deeply in.

Harrison was then given the command. He flipped the switch and drew the struggling transvestite off the floor by no more than an inch. His penis had turned a The Hanged Transvestite bluish black, rigid as iron, in his agonies. Sir Andrew motioned and Yvette knelt down and took the rock hard member in her mouth. She sucked, nibbled and gnawed, but the only result was a small drop of milky semen which eked its way past the tight ligatures . The dangling TV gave one last shudder and died.

Lady Allison took a champagne glass and approached the twitching body. She cut the strap around the head of the rigid black penis and great quantities of thick cream coloured semen gushed out. Even more flowed when the second strap was cut. Each of the women crowded around to sample their portion of this treat.

The meeting had broken up at 2 :00 AM and after she had cleaned up she had come directly to Diana's room. It was approaching dawn when Yvette finished her story of terror and agony and Diana knew that she had the story of the century in her grasp . But where was the proof? There were the bodies in the crypts and if she could get Yvette to talk ... First things first. She had to convince the police. Carefully she chided Yvette on exaggerating. After all there was no real proof to back up her allegations. Then Yvette mumbled about the photographs. Photos taken of every victim of every hanging by a member and kept in the dungeons She had to have them.

Yvette was almost unconscious but she responded to the question on where the photos were kept. "Under the dais.", she mumbled, "in the big book..." and then she was out.

Diana glanced at the clock. almost 6:30! Time to get up and get going. She tossed on her uniform arid went downstairs about her duties, explaining to Harrison that Yvette was too ill to get out of bed. Other than a raised eyebrow, nothing seemed amiss.

She had become familiar with the castle over the last few days and knew were Harrison kept the keys for all the doors. All she had to do was find the key for the dungeon. While Harrison looked after the lunch preparations she was free to search. She found the key cupboard unlocked and sure enough, at the very bottom was the dungeon key. Now all she needed was a little time and luck.

The lock had been recently oiled so that the key turned without a sound. She crept down the stairs, which were surprisingly well lit. Turning the corner of the stairs she had her first view of the gallows, noose dangling. The sight of dozens, maybe hundreds of agonizing deaths over the years. She also spied the raised platform and the table nearby the dais.

Moving quickly, her high heels clicking on the marble floor, she crossed the floor and stepped up behind the table. There it was! A large black leather album. She placed it on the table and opened it. For long minutes she stared at in horrified fascination. Page after page of photos! Mostly in colour, of women usually, kicking, dangling, hanging limply from the gallows noose. Shots of members of the Club standing smiling next to a dangling body as if it were a trophy. Sequence shots of lovely young women kicking and jerking in their death agonies.

Now all she had to do was get this to the authorities. She ran up the stairs, closing the dungeon door and locking it behind her. Then up to her room. No time to change. Just grab a sweater and her car keys, then down the back stairs and through the small rear courtyard to her car. She glanced nervously around as she walked across the open space, wincing at the clatter her high heels made on the cobblestones.

The Morris was parked where she left it . As she got in her skirt pulled up in the back and she gasped as she felt the ice cold touch of the leather seats on the bare flesh of her exposed buttocks. She inserted the key and hit the starter button. The starter motor worked away but the engine refused to turn over. She pummelled the steering wheel in her frustration, keeping the starter cranking, but to no avail. As she began to get out to check under the bonnet she noticed a figure standing behind in the rear view mirror. She slowly turned to find Harrison, smiling at her benevolently, with a revolver in his hand, the rotor of the Morris distributor in the other hand.

"You know our Yvette's quite a coward. She blubbered about your little coffee klatch last night with very little urging. When we saw you take the book we knew you'd be trying to leave us. Come along like a good girl now. "

With a sob of defeat Diana let herself be led at gun point back to the castle, down the dungeon stairs, past the gallows, and into the holding cell area. There she found Yvette waiting, with a terrified look on her face. She was wearing the same revealing outfit of the night before and held a coil of rope in her hands.

Harrison ordered her to cross her wrists behind her and Yvette tied them tightly .The butler then ripped off her maids uniform leaving her completely naked, save for her garter belt, stockings, and ankle strapped sandals. He motioned Yvette to hand him the rope then brutally tied Diana's elbows forcing her breasts to arch out.

Diana demanded, threatened, and, finally begged and pleaded, but the butler just smiled. As he ushered Yvette out he pointed at the old clock on the wall. "The Club will convene at seven. You've seen the book. We'll have something special planned for you."

Diana sobbed uncontrollably, pain and fear racking her She searched her cell but except for a hard cot and a pail to relive herself, nothing was available. she didn't bother to try to scream. No one could hear and with her wrists and arms so cruelly tied there was no hope of effecting an escape. She sat on the cot sobbing and waiting.

At about 4:00 PM the door to the holding area opened and Yvette peeked in. As she approached the cell, Diana pressed herself against the bars, still sobbing.

"Oh God!"? Yvette exclaimed, "They'll hang you for sure. If I'd had any idea... Why'd you take the book?".

Diana quickly explained, including the part about the article, investigation and the police, "Please, for the love of God, Don't let them kill me!".

"There's nothing I can do.", the other countered. 'No phone. They won't let me leave. Nothing I can do!", She started to turn away.

Diana's mind raced. Deputy Inspector Barrows! The bonfire! "Wait, please!" she begged. "I know a way!" quickly she out lined her plan as Yvette looked on doubtfully. "Why should I help you? If they catch me I'll swing on the rope down here with you. If the police catch them I' m an accessory and will probity end up on a prison gallows."

"No! Wait!', Diana implored, "I'll testily you were a prisoner here and forced to comply under duress. If you testify against them you'll be given immunity and be free of them forever."

Yvette stared at her for what seemed to be eternity, then nodded. "I'll do it. Count on me!" Then hurriedly left the room.

Deep within Castle Diana waited, unable to hear or see if her plan was successful. But as the clock approached seven her hopes sank lower and lower. At seven exactly Harrison opened the door. "Time for your formal introduction to the members of the Club Miss", he said with a grin, wrenching her to her feet and dragging her out of the cell.

As she was dragged into the large room she gasped Yvette stood beneath the gallows, the noose tight around her neck Her arms had been twisted behind her, Yvettewrists affixed to a loop of cord around her throat. The look of shear terror on her face and the trembling of her body told Diana that their plan had failed miserably.

"So good of you to join us", Sir Andrew called. "We're just about to punish your little friend here. Not only did she violate the security of our little group but created quite a row, setting those two bales of hay on fire an hour ago. Allison my dear, please proceed.".

Lady Allison stepped out from behind the dais carrying a thin birch rod. Crossing over to the terrified Yvette she slowly undid her red satin dress. As she stepped out of it Diana noted that she wore a black velvet waist cincher. Free of the dress folds she picked up a pair long black gloves and smoothed them one Finishing this she picked up the birch rod once more.

Yvette began to beg and plead as Allison moved behind her but her pleas were cut off with the first stroke of the cane, replacing them with screams of pain. Rendered motionless by the choking noose, Yvette writhed in place under the hail of strokes from the rod. After more than twenty strokes on the girl's unprotected posterior, Lady Allison moved around to the front and began caning her breasts. the screams of agony were horrendous as she varied her strokes to occasionally slash up between the tortured girl's vaginal lips, literally cutting her in two.

After another dozen strokes Lady Allison stopped, grinning in satisfaction. "I think that bit of chastisement has made it 's impact, am I right?" Sir Andrew laughed. "Well Yvette, unfortunately you 're not to be trusted so I'm afraid we'll have to terminate your employment, immediately." With that he threw the switch and the winch dragged the struggling girl into the air.

Yvette went wild. Though her wrists and arms were securely bound .she kicked and writhed, jerking on the rope. Diana watched in horrified fascination unable to take her eyes off the strangling girl whose body twisted mere inches of the floor.

As she kicked Yvette's high heeled slides flew off in different directions. her legs scissored back and forth as she swung in eccentric circles on the rope. Her face had turned a bursting red and she made inarticulate choking sounds.

Long minutes passed as the tortured girl danced on the rope like a crazed marionette. Her face turned a congested blue as her struggles gradually lessened. Suddenly her struggles ceased abruptly and she swung limply on the ropes her stockinged toes twisting bear inches off the floor.

'"The young lady seems to have tired of dancing" Sir Andrew observed, "My dear see if she can be persuaded to continue." At that Lady Allison stepped forward and brought the cutting birch rod up between the dangling girl's partially opened legs, cutting the soft flesh of her vagina in two. The tortured girl gave a shuddering jerk followed by a stream of steaming urine and then hung still .

"Harrison, " Sir Andrew called, "Take this cigar and see if the young lady is quite finished.".

Harrison blew on the glowing tip and buried it deep in the centre of the hanging girl's vagina. There was a hissing sound and a curl of steaming smoke, but this time Yvette did not respond.

Yvette is discharged"I think it is safe to say that the young lady's employment is now terminated". With that Sir Andrew turned to the bound Diana. '"We just found out about you, Young lady. Upstairs maid indeed! Our research turned up a few of your articles.".

She started to stammer a reply but he raised his hand to forestall it. "Please spare us the explanations and excuses, and no threats. It doesn't matter why you're here or who knows. You and the late Yvette will leave for France by the boat train this evening in your car thanks to the services of two of our female members. The car will be found riddled with bullets over a cliff in the French Alps and you two lovely ladies will have disappeared forever. As he finished he smiled at her almost benevolently.

Diana suddenly realized that they wanted her to plead and beg, to kick and struggle on the rope, to urinate and defecate for their enjoyment. Since she was now convinced she was doomed to a slow death no matter what happened she resolved not to give them the pleasure.

"Hang the little slut", Lady Allison called and Sir Andrew motioned to Harrison. He grasped Diana by the arms and dragged her beneath the gallows. A second noose now dangled obscenely wafting for her beautiful neck as poor Yvette's body twisted slowly on her rope. Harrison slowly dropped the noose over Diana's head. tightening it behind her right ear. She stood there, clad only in her black satin and lace garter belt, seamed hose and ankle straps, silent and waiting.

Sir Andrew flicked the winch and she felt a tug as the winch slowly began to take up the slack in the rope. The noose was tied tightly around her throat so as the slack disappeared she found herself being drawn up on the toes of her high heels as the choking halter became ever tighter. She heard the switch click and realized that the winch had stopped leaving her balanced on her pointing toes like a ballet dancer. She could still breath but she heard the blood pound in her ears and knew the next click of the switch would mean her end.

Diana hangs
Sir Andrew stepped from behind the dais and moved toward her. Stopping directly in front of her he caressed her breasts, playing with her erect nipples. Smiling he reached between her legs fondling the soaking flesh between her vaginal lips. '"Hanging turns you on, doesn't it? You perverted little slut." Saying this he moved behind her and she felt him caressing her ass cheeks. She heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down and suddenly felt his erect penis thrust between her buttocks. "No!", she pleaded.

As the switch was thrown by Harrison, Diana felt the strangling noose jerk her off her toes as Sir Andrew thrust his erect penis deep into her anal sheath. The sensations were unbelievable. The rope choking her. Her body jerking, straining, inches off the floor, and all the time, Sir Andrew's massive penis thrusting deeper and deeper into her anus, literally ripping her asunder.

DianaAt first her earlier resolve to hang quickly and quietly held, but Sir Andrew's thrusting deeper and deeper into her bowels and the agony of the rope made this impossible. She kicked her legs wildly hands clenching, chest heaving, body contorting . Within a few minutes her face had turned from a livid red to a congested purple as the noose slowly cut of f her air and she had to fight for every precious gulp Her lungs began to burn and the blood pounded so hard in her ears she could 't hear any other sound other than her own agony. She strove with all her might to gasp another breath of air into her tortured lungs, but to no avail. Diana amost doneShe was vaguely aware of Sir Andrew ' s orgasm and ejaculation as he withdrew but the white hot agony in her breast and the strangling torture of the noose blotted out all other sensations., She felt her bladder and bowels release as the darkness of death closed around her arid spiralled in.

Then, miraculously, she found herself on her knees, the noose gone, gasping, choking, gathering great lungfulls of air into her tortured lungs. Was this some trick? A way of prolonging her agony? Then Deputy Inspector Barrows was behind her cutting the ropes on her arms and wrists, She looked up at him questioning, as he draped his coat around her. "You know, I had almost forgot about your bonfire. Just be thankful your poor friend here," motioning to Yvette's still dangling body, "managed to light up that hay, You'll be all right.". Diana began to sob hysterically and collapsed in his arms.Rescued in the nick of time

The trial took six months and was one of the most sensational in the nation's history. Positive evidence was found for the murder of over a hundred and fifty women and two dozen young men . There was enough circumstantial evidence to implicate the members of the Club in close to one hundred more.

Each of the members and the butler were charged with multiple counts of murder and all were convicted. By then the death penalty had been abolished so all received life in prison as their sentence

Diana ended up moving to Daraby with her cousin Marsha. She authored a book and literally dozens of articles on her experience. And, as fate would have it, she and David Barrows became engaged. Things were going just perfectly for her.,

She, Marsha and David were invited to a press awards dinner that night in London where she was to receive an accolade for her articles. In the rush to get things done during the day she failed to hear the news of Sir Andrew Whipcord's escape from Larchmont prison.
She burst through the door of their rented cottage in Daraby, Arms filled with packages. Calling for her cousin, but there was no answer. "Funny?' she thought, "Marsha knows we'll have to be leaving soon. She must be on a shopping binge also. "Not giving it another thought, she stripped off her cloths and jumped into the shower. She quickly towelled herself off and popped open the first package. She only had about a half an hour before she and Marsha were to be picked up bar David. From the first package she took out a pair of long gartered stockings. David hated pantyhose so she had taken to wearing these thigh highs and panties in stead.

As she smoothed the pair on she thought she heard a noise in Marsha's room. "Marsha, is that you? We're very late. You'd better dress in a hurry'". As she spoke she walked into Marsha's room The sight that greeted her froze her to the spot. Marsha's closet door was wide open but instead of clothes, Marsha's half naked body dangled from the closet pole. She was wearing the top of her scarlet silk outfit, beige garter belt, stockings and high heels . Her wrists and ankles were tied with stockings and it appeared that a third had been used to hang her over the clothes bar. Her stockinged toes seemed to hang a fraction of inch off the floor. Before she could scream, Andrew Whipcord slapped a handkerchief soaked in ether over her face . One or two gasps and she was out .
Diana in the closet
When she came to she found her wrists and ankles tightly tied. She was completely nude save for her stockings. When she tried to speak she found a white gag cut off all communication.

Whipcord stood there grimacing at her. "I'm afraid I can't stay long any dear. Seems like the bastards have done for me. But first there's a small score to settle between us.". She noticed the dark red wet stain spreading over his lower chest. "You will suffer the same fate as your friend in the other room." Saying this he grabbed her and thrust her into her closet. He lifted her on to an overturned wicker waste basket and looped a slim leather belt from one of her dresses around her neck, over the bar, then down in front again, tying it off.

She expected him to kick the basket away, hanging her from the bar but instead he just stared at her, eyes glazed. He moaned once and then collapsed .

'"Oh thank God!" she thought; "He's dead!". But that still left her in a difficult situation. Her wrists and ankles were tightly bound and the strap was still tightly cinched around her neck. Still all she had to do was stand quietly and wait until David arrived. She resigned herself to waiting and was just shifting her weight to ease the bonds when the basket started to collapse.

"Oh God! Oh no!", she thought . Her bound ankles moved slightly trying to get a little better purchase on the collapsing basket and for a second it seemed as if she had succeeded Then with a sickening crunch the whole thing collapsed flat!

As her body dropped the thin leather belt bit deep into her throat. She thrust and kicked her bound ankles, pushing the collapsed basket from beneath her. Straining as hard as she could her stockinged toes still swung a good three inches off the closet floor.

The thin strap was far more effective than a thick rope noose. It quickly cut off her breath and she again felt the white hot agony of strangulation as she writhed and twisted on her closet gallows. Once again she felt the darkness close around her and she made a final supreme effort to tear her wrists free, but to no avail. Her body twitched and quivered as the blackness closed in, urine pouring out as she lost consciousness.

Diana's final moments
Fate was not kind to poor Diana. David didn't show up for another 40 minutes. He found his lovely bride to be, face purple in her death agony, dangling from the clothes bar, stockinged toes barely an inch off the floor. Sir Andrew Whipcord had had his final revenge at last.


    I first met Lee in 1996 while he was in his first remission, I was introduced to him by Damien.   We corresponded for several weeks and then met for lunch, at lunch he gave me a copy of CW, it had been typed on a manual typewriter!  I thought that I had given him a copy of the movie, but when I moved a couple of years ago I found that still had it, so Lee I've Got your movie.   I scanned the text and pictures on a Rico B/W scanner which accounts for the poor quality.  One of these days I'll rescan them and regen this document.   Anyway Lee and I discussed converting this to HTML and we exchanged copies of this several. times.  The current text is as he sent it to me, with only some spelling fixes.  The original version has Diana rescued by David.   A few weeks after Lee sent me the final text. I heard that he had had a relapse and was quite ill. Sometime later I heard that he a passed away.   I lost heart, and interest in the project and let it languish on my drive for almost 4 years.  Last September I heard that Lee wasn't dead after all, so once all the Y2K stuff was taken care of, and after we got caught up with all the stuff that we deferred so we could work on Y2K stuff...  I found myself with a few spare days, dug out the text and scanned pictures and here we are.     Great news, Lee is active on the web! with a Penny Larson Group

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