Midhurst and Isle of Wight, 12-17 July 2008
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12 July 2008

Yew trees near Midhurst.
13 July 2008

Heading south.

Kingley Vale.

Hiking up to Kingley Vale.

Old yew trees.

Hiking down Kingley Vale.

Catching the ferry from Portsmouth to Isle of Wight.

Pier at Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Fixing another puncture near St Helens.

Campsite at Whitecliff Bay.

Loads of crows.
14 July 2008

View in the morning.

Walk to the beach at Whitecliff Bay.


Ready for a swim.

Slowly moving on.

Beach at Sandown.

Beginning of the Sustrans route from Sandown.

Fixing another puncture near Chale Green.

Along the south shore by Chale Bay.

Campsite at Grange Farm near Brightstone.

Setting up above the cliff.

View from the tent.


15 July 2008


Oyster catchers.

Into Brook, Brook House. Built so that some guy could see the sunrises.

Past Hulverstone.

Long Stone near Hulverstone.

Back at Grange Farm.

16 July 2008

Heading off past Compton Bay.

Freshwater Bay.

Heading up to the Needles.

Lookout over the Needles.

The Needles.

Lunch break.

Over Alum Bay.

Near Yarmouth.

Passing through Cowes.

Chain ferry across the River Medina at Cowes.

Campsite at Kite Hill.

Mill Pond.

17 July 2008

Packing to go.

Pier at Ryde.

On the ferry to Portsmouth.