13) "If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you too?" Apparently so.
12) Still heartbroken over the death of zApp.
11) Punk B&$#@ has a level 3 sentry gun fully loaded with rockets and no where to put it during lunch.
10) Deanna didn't use my "as many bagels as you can shove down your piehole" slogan for the Rogue Wave image ad.
9) The activity that I planned, by myself, for myself, for the upcoming January Boulder PSG fun activity was really lame.
8) Needed to find a new group of people to impress with my useless knowledge of trivia about 80s New Wave bands.
7) Just wasn't getting the warm fuzzy feeling I used to get from bonding with 40,000 of my closest friends on I-36.
6) Rumor of a hostile takeover by the Juice Cowboy.
5) Still bitter about not getting my Rogue Wave shorts.
4) The new place has fijita bar everyday.
3) Decided to give Omar a clear shot for that VP of Marketing job (and I won't have to hear about DBTools/IP anymore).
2) View.h++ will never die in PSG land
1) A travel bonus is more than just the thrill of seeing New Jersey in November.

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