Tour de France, Stage 1, sort of, 01 July 2006
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01 July 2006

I've never seen Limehouse so covered with algae.

Meeting up for the sort of first stage of the Tour De France. Too lazy to go to Buckingham Palace for the real starting point.

Tea stop in Gravesend.

Serious map discussions.

Through some MOD ordinance testing area.

Pretty pathetic picture of Rochester Castle.

In Rochester with a diminished group.

Bridge from Strood.

Matt. Said I couldn't take this because his sister hates the facial hair.

More maps, not quite defeated here yet but close. Many would break off here to go watch the World Cup in a nearby pub.

Pub in Aylesford, they weren't serving food though. Bitter disappointment.

Just imagining the Tour De France heading up here and past the dumped rubbish later up the trail.

So hot and hazy today. I should have taken a picture of the 4 water bottles I went through.

And lest we forget those glorious days when Pee Wee won the Tour de France.