Tobermory to Mallaig, 05 May 2006
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05 May 2006
Starting in Tobermory, taking the ferry to Kilchoan, west to Salen then north on the A861 through Lochailort then north on the A830 to Mallaig.
Tobermory is actually pretty nice when it is calm.

Sailing now towards Kilchoan. This doesn't totally capture just how neat the light looked there.

Cheryl hopefully looking for hints of sunlight anywhere in the future.

The day certainly looks hopeful. Going through Kilchoan. Part of the group headed off towards Archnamurden Point.

Going east across Ardnamurchan.

These two lambs ran up to me until their mother scolded them.

This was our hopeful tea break in Salen which turned out to be sitting on a wall looking over the loch instead.

The tea stop that wasn't a tea stop (picture courtesy of Dave A. and Caroline)

What the hell, we are stuck in a motorcycle race, going the wrong way against it. Here comes Cheryl and Gary against the racers.

See the moon there in the center just to the left of the peak.

Lunch on a rock. Gary, Rob, Dave T, Caroline and Dave A.

Is that the elusive Great Northern Diver out there?

Behind Che and Cheryl way in the distance.