Iona to Tobermory, 04 May 2006
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04 May 2006
Tracing back from Iona back east to the northward turn after Pennyghael then northwest on the B8035 Off to the east to Salen and north to Tobermory.

Preparing to move out. Up on the hill where we watched the sunset.

Going quickly past the nunnery.

Down catching the ferry back to Mull.

A brief break in the weather, probably up near Loch Na Keal.

This is at the crossroads just past Gruline, the decision point, the long route to the west or the short one through Salen. Having just got pounded by a painful rain, we opt for the Salen route.

Colin and Dave T. took the long route.

Che went to Salen.

Tobermory in a brief calm moment. It went crazy again when we were in the pub and especially during and after dinner and all evening in fact.