Kilmartin to Oban, 02 May 2006
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02 May 2006
Starting in Kilmartin going straight up the A816 north to Oban.

I ran over to take a few pictures of the cemetery and the church, the Kilmartin church Link Link

Some of the stones go back to mediaeval times.

And then it started raining, and raining. Dave and Rob getting ready to brave it.

So, then we made it all the way across the street to the Kilmartin House Museum Link. Interesting historic stuff, but mostly it was dry. Colin and Dave T, I think (big hoods and all).

False start though. Some head back into the cafe for tea. Gary, Colin, John and Dave A.

Ok, this time for real. Gursh, Cheryl and Che.

Che and Dave T.

And then quite rainy in Oban.