Arran, 30 April 2006
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30 April 2006
Starting at Lockranza, heading south west down the coast. Tea near Machrie, on foot then to see the standing stones, lunch at Blackwaterfoot, then back north again on foot near Tormore to see King's Cave on the coast and then north again back to Lockranza.

Deer were fighting and then ran off.


Lochranza Castle, link

I asked a bunch of times what this is since it is everywhere. Gorse, got it, won't forget now.

Cute little graveyard near Coillemore Point. Going south down the west coast of Arran.

A few hills about.

Walking to see the standing stones near Machrie.

The ruined farm house

Stone circle #5. Link

Back a bit north again near Tormore, heading to see King's Cave, on foot. Looking towards the north side of the island.

The standing stones are down in that valley.

Another cave that isn't King's Cave.

King's Cave, one of the zillion caves that Robert the Bruce was supposed to have hidden out in. Link

Hiking back up the big hill. Looking south.

First serious encounter with a Scottish bog, and was it ever boggy. Dave and Caroline lead the way.