Tour de France prologue, 07 July 2007
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07 July 2007

Procession of riders from Newham going under Green Bridge.

THWs meeting under Green Bridge.

Heading off to see the prologue.

Assimilated into the Greenwich Cyclists group with their assertive traffic stopping techinque.

Successful arrival at Hyde Park.

Cycle parking.

Must remember where I parked.

Off to the People's Village.

In the special LCC section, a nice private area with a fantastic view of the course.

One of many blank pictures for the day.

At least the warmup riders were going slightly slow.

And some from the actual race, a cyclist and his escorts.

A fantastic corner to see bikes wizz by, but not a single successful picture of an actual cyclist.

Pressed the shutter too quickly.

And too slowly.

Oh well.