Green Man Festival, 15-19 August 2007
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15 August 2007

Arrival at Green Man, tent set up and relaxing now.
16 August 2007

Back of the main stage.

Morning and finally time to see where we are camping in the light.

Crew camping area slowly filling up.

Showers at a festival, wow.

Catered food area.

Reported to work, to hand out wristbands.

Rainbow at the end of our shift.

Just a faint rainbow.

Going to walk the perimeter of the festival.

River Usk runs along the perimeter.
17 August 2007

Going for a hike up above festival, towards Pen Cerrig-calch.

Not many ripe blackberries yet.

Heading towards the ridge of Pen Cerrig-calch.

Festival in the background.

Pete and the Pirates playing.

Findlay Brown playing.

Rachel Unthank and the Winterset playing.

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan
18 August 2007

Joanna Newsom

Weather turned last night, soggy morning.

First time in wellies.

Mud and more mud.

Bare feet, aack.

Starless and Bible Black playing.

Lisa Knapp playing.

PG Six playing.

Clinic playing. Really liked them.

Wellies getting well used.

Broken Family Band playing.

Rumpus Room.

John Power playing.
19 August 2007

Flying flaming lanterns.

Slightly drier day.

Just went for a swim in the River Usk.

Swam about there. Strong current and rocky bottom, and extremely cold.

Penmyarth Park church.

Standing stone. Apparently the largest in Wales, called the Fish Stone. link link

Malcolm Middleton playing.

Took down tent and ready to go.

Packed car, pondering muddy way out.