2nd annual Glamour Ride, 23 June 2006
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23 June 2006

Arrival on time at Green Bridge. Hmm, is it glamorous to be on time?

Aneeta looking her normal glamorous self.

Arrivals from the Docklands. Ok, wow.

Owen is on the glitzy bike tonight.

Somehow Dave actually made it through all the tunnels, even later after a few drinks.

Keith understands accessories.

And Hackney is in the house.

Heading towards Limehouse now.

Another halt for pictures.

Leigh directing with an iron hand, picture of me, here, now.

On the move again.

Moving through the maze.

Leigh said, aack, a picture of nature, couldn't possibly be of me then.

Setting up a Tower Bridge photo-op.

Can't see the bridge for the hat.

Just paraded across the bridge.

Making our way down the south bank.

Leigh, more pictures, now.

More riding in circles.

Time for prizes.

Brenda noticed later that only guys got prizes.

During the best legs part, we pull in some bystanders because frankly, their legs were a lot better.

Owen had already won best bike, Dave A wins best legs.

Dave T wins best dressed, his copy of Glamour with the summer flip-flops.

And as any ride should end, off to the pub, in Festival Square.

And Rob without the wig.

So Leigh uses it for a few glamour shots.

Was this one or two pubs later?