Dunwich Dynamo, 28-29 July 2007
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28 July 2007

Gathering in London Fields for the start.

Not as many people this year, probably because of the impending rain.

Lots have already left (or perhaps went to the pub to avoid the rainy evening).

Finally to the first landmark on the route sheet, the all night station in Epping.

One of the group of five who would stick together all night.

We got a late start, so most people have already passed through here.
29 July 2007

Looks like my camera is fogged up (lots of rain overnight). Lunch break at the halfway point, about 65 miles.

Fixing a flat tire. Finally after dawn, somewhere near Framsden.

Nearing Dunwich, a pretty but subdued sunrise after a very rainy night.

Quick stop to pump up a slowly leaking tire. The group of five (joined by one more after lunch) who stuck together through out the night.

Through Dunwich Heath, my favorite part of the ride. Pretty purple heather (and just a few more miles to go).

Arrival at the beach in Dunwich.

Time for breakfast at the cafe which opened early today for us.

Now to the beach and a swim.

Time to go, into the decadent luxury of Simon's bus.

I have no idea who that is. (Ok, I now know it is Luther Vandross, so stop bugging me about it.)

Arrival back home in Mile End.

Home finally, after a 116 mile detour.